Astral Projection Eating, Drinking and Mirror Experiments

Astral Projection Eating, Drinking and Mirror Experiments

Location: Astral World (Desire/Emotional Plane)
Body:: Astral Body
Date/Time:: 12-Feb-2017 – 4:38am

This started from a dream where I was looking down on my old childhood garden from the vantage point of a 20 foot wooden tower. I was standing next to my daughter. We both held hands and had a brief conversation that we could jump and fly with no harm coming to us. The dream was fairly lucid at this point.

We then jumped off and flew through the air together towards the ground. However, this action catapulted me out of the dream state and into full waking consciousness. My daughter then disappeared as reality shifted and I became conscious in my Astral body. I was now alone in this hyper real setting.

I found myself hovering upside down with my head anchored about three foot from the plants below me. I was totally in awe, just staring at the plants inches from my head; taking in all the exquisite detail and amazed at how real it was. I then had an idea to conduct an experiment using my different senses. I reached down and touched the leaves, they felt very real, interestingly my hand didn’t go through them. I then had another idea to experiment with taste. I reached out and pulled some leaves into my mouth and munched on them. They tasted just like spinach, I could feel the texture, taste and the feeling of the food going down, even though I was upside down.

I then noticed green berries that resembled grapes. I started to chew on them as well. They tasted so juicy and real. The flavor lingered for a few seconds and felt and tasted just like normal grapes.

After a while I reoriented my body to a walking/floating position. As I turned around I could see my old house from my childhood. I was in the garden looking at the patio doors. It felt and looked 80% accurate but with lots of subtle differences. I tried to move through the wall but it wouldn’t initially let me. After some willpower and mental effort I floated through the wall and into my old kitchen.

The kitchen layout was a mixture of how it used to look 30 years ago but with modern elements overlaid. As I don’t live there anymore I have no idea what the present owners have done to it. Perhaps I was seeing an Astral overlay of thoughts from two time periods. I was still in this amazing state of full consciousness. I felt I was truly there as if in person. I then opened the cupboard and discovered a large bottle of coke. I don’t drink coke and was very disappointed to see it but I wanted to try another experiment of drinking in the Astral. I took a large gulp from the bottle. It tasted and felt exactly like coke. I could feel the coldness and the fizzy bubbles going down my throat. It even quenched my thirst.

I then turned around and saw a mirror on the kitchen wall exactly where it used to be, the only difference was we had a rectangle mirror and this was oval shaped. I then proceeded to look in the mirror. To my surprise the reflection that came back wasn’t me at all, but it reacted perfectly to my movements. The person looking back looked very thin in the face, and had an eastern European look to them. I then tried to put my hand through the mirror but this reality was very solid. Only after a lot of effort was I able to press my fingers into the glass as if the mirror was made of a soft gel like substance.

Then scene then faded and I was back in bed fully awake and alert.

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