OBE Visit to the Brilliant Little Laser Room

OBE Visit to the Brilliant Little Laser Room

22nd June 2016

I had been ill on Sunday into Monday with a 24-sickness bug that pretty much made me bedridden. I felt as if my whole system had been rebooted. On the Tuesday I meditated and decided to let-go of experiencing OBEs for a while and just concentrate on my daily meditations. I felt the need to develop a deeper connection spiritually.

I hadn’t had an OBE since the 7th of May 2016. I felt as is my subconscious was kicking back, forcing me to concentrate on grounded matters.

Anyhow, with all that said and done, I woke up last night at 2:30am after experiencing another OBE.

It started off within a dream sequence.
I was in a dream where the scene pretty much resembled a sword-fighting scene from the Game of Thrones.   Not surprising as I had just watched a similar fighting scene in an episode the night before. In the scene I was watching two figures fight it out. I observed the action scene firstly as an observer, and then as the person fighting before swapping back.

My dream character was struck with the sword and fatally wounded. In the next scene the figure was resurrected and now wearing a large golden/copper helmet or mask that covered his whole head. The mask was very shiny and golden. The figure was also now enthusiastically tap dancing on a large golden metallic floor, like a checkerboard but made out of gold/copper.

I was now the figure again. I then started to rise up and move forward floating towards the edges of the arena. All around the arena was a protective netting. I picked up speed and started bouncing off the netting around the large arena.

I was now moving quite quickly through the air towards a point at the far left corner. As I got closer I could see that I was heading towards a man that was standing there. As I reached the corner I put my hand out in front of me and pushed against the man’s head. This catapulted me back in the opposite direction at great speed.

As I flew through the air I suddenly became fully conscious. The dream scene now faded, I was now floating as a fully aware and awake consciousness through a void.

Eventually I came to stand still within a dimly lit wooden room. I could sense a female presence in the room, I couldn’t see anybody but I could feel and hear a lady there.

The walls were really busy covered with lots of paper, perhaps thoughts or memories.
The lady had a long baton type object in her hand; it was a laser type gun or wand. She was shooting faces that kept appearing on the wall in front of us. The faces appeared to be manually drawn onto jagged scissor cut pieces of paper. They were roughly drawn faces a young child might draw. As each face appeared randomly on the wall in front, she would shoot the face to make it disappear.

At first I didn’t realize what was going on, but after a while I got the hang of what I was seeing. I then looked down at my right hand to discover I also had a laser type gun as well. I then joined in shooting the faces as they appeared.

I then turned to the wall to my right and started shooting the faces that popped up there as well. But she quickly told me not to shoot those. Only the faces on the front wall.

I then remembered an experiment I wanted to try the next time I did an OBE. I had the idea of assigning a mnemonic (name) to help me easily remember the experience and create a concrete name I could invoke at a future date to appear there again.   The lady recommended the phrase: ‘Brilliant Little Laser Room’.

As soon as I gave the experience a name the scene faded and I was transported with full conscious awareness back to my body.

On reflection of this experience, what struck me was how clearly I felt the presence of this lady, even watching her fire the laser at the faces. But despite all that, I didn’t actually see her. I have always had a very busy analytical mind. In recent months meditation has been instrumental in quieting it down and allowing me to take control of it. I wonder if the experience is my subconscious visually showing me clearing out the clutter. It’s interesting the lady (Feminine, right brain) wouldn’t allow me to shoot things from the right. Perhaps to help me develop more intuition aided by the right side of the brain. Food for thought!



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