Fourth OBE – 7th Jan 16 – The Caretaker Guide with Knowledge of Physics

Fourth OBE – 7th Jan 16 – The Caretaker Guide with Knowledge of Physics

This is continued from my 3rd experience from the 7th of January 16.
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After returning I set my intention to roll back out again. This time I rolled-out for a fourth time.  I immediately set my intention to find a spirit guide to talk to. I then shifted to a scene where I was floating along following a man wearing a brown caretaker’s coat. He was a good 40 feet in front of me. I got the impression he didn’t want me to come any closer. I was anchored at a distance just following him along the street. I then followed him through some gates into what appeared to be an industrial setting. The scene was far from spiritual and appeared just like a routine earthly place.

I asked him for some knowledge.

He gave me a small piece of information that I could verify later related to the construction of the physical universe and the nature of energy on the physical plain.

He said energy could be both hot and cold at exactly the same time and space.  These initial trips out didn’t last very long. I don’t know if it was my thought to checkup on the information that propelled me back or something else.

Everything faded once again and I returned back to my body. In the morning I did a Google search for “What can be both hot and cold at the same time” and came across a quantum physics article that described exactly that. It was part of a new experiment using a special kind of chip that proved these results. Article here. 

Was this pure coincidence. Had I somehow sub-consciously read it somewhere. I hadn’t read any quantum physics articles as far as I’m aware. My intention was for knowledge, something I didn’t already know to help me validate whether these trips out are pure fantasy or  something much deeper, have I found my answer?

Oddly enough when searching for a Caretaker image to use for this post, who should I come across but Dr. Who wearing a brown caretaker coat. The master of T.V time-travel and navigating the physical quantum universe.  It’s worth noting that I don’t watch Dr. Who and consciously at least wasn’t aware of that episode or series. I haven’t watched Dr. Who since Matt Smith played him. It’s interesting that a potential guide would manifest as the Caretaker.

To be continued…

Technique used

Two nights previously I had come across the website from the resources at the back of “Invistas of Infinity”, a fascinating book by Jürgen Ziewe about his vivid lucid dreaming and OBE experiences.
I had been attempting them since Novemeber 15 without much success.

My first two attempts on Sunday the 5th and Monday the 6th of January 2016 yielded no results. I kept waking up with the intention to separate but found myself too awake and aware. I quickly fell back to sleep. I also had too many disturbances from my dog, Betsy who kept barking.

Everything changed on the morning of the 7th of January 2016. The previous evening I had read the free ebook from again. The instructions stated that the practitioner should set their alarm for six hours after going to bed. When the alarm sounds, go to the bathroom to drink some water and set the intention to wake up in the next cycle of awakening. Once awakened, one should then attempt to leave their body with aggressive intent. If that doesn’t work, cycle through one of the many separation techniques.

Before going to bed I had in-fact set the intention to wakeup but chose 5 hours, I didn’t use an alarm clock and trusted I would wake up. As you have to have an action plan, I set my action to go straight to the mirror in the hallway and then fly around the Earth. I also set my intention to awake again should I fall asleep or return to my body. That way I could try again.

After waking up five hours later, I did in fact go to the bathroom to drink some water but decided to go the toilet in case a full bladder hindered the experience.

I then set my intention on awakening again to enter the phase and separate from my body.
I then went straight back to bed and swiftly fell back to sleep.



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