David McCready – Astral Projection and seeking higher awareness – Interview
Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

David McCready – Astral Projection and seeking higher awareness – Interview

Today I had a chance to catch up and interview David McCready, the author of Real Alien Worlds Volumes 1 to 7 and The Great Simulator parts 1,2 and 3 and the Astral Academy where David is helping others connect with their higher selves using modern Astral Projection techniques and simply learning to breath properly.

David’s “The Great Simulator” books offer a fascinating perspective into physical reality and shifting our awareness and mindset to Astrally connect with higher guiding spirits, recognise and appreciate a “Special FX team” of lower Astral beings who are happily providing the drama you wanted to experience but have forgotten.

David’s experiences have taken him to higher astral worlds and beyond into the non-physical, beyond the human form or ego.

He has also experienced other parallel worlds and human civilizations and brought back a wealth of spiritual knowledge to assist others in doing so too.We will touch on many subjects in this show but endeavor dig deeper into other subjects in future recordings.

Using Lucid Dreams to Speak to the Unconscious and Gain Spiritual Guidance
Astral Projection, Dream, Lucid Dreaming

Using Lucid Dreams to Speak to the Unconscious and Gain Spiritual Guidance

Over the last few years I have been experimenting with various techniques known as out-of-body (OOBE), Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming. I have had relative success in applying textbook techniques and being able to experience each known state.

In my earlier experiments I would apply out-of-body methods to roll myself out of my body whilst in an in-between waking and sleeping state, I would use an intention to wake up whilst in this state known as the phase, then roll out.

I would either roll out into a carbon copy of my bedroom, albeit with very slight 0.1% differences where I could explore a copy of my house or roll into a completely different reality. I had full conscious awareness and interacted with intelligent complex people going about their astral or lucid dreaming business.

My later attempts seemed to avoid rolling out into my current reality and would skip straight into weird and wonderful astral experiences, exploring realties much like Earth or very close to appearing like it.

Because I initially came into these experiences from an Astral Projection view I would always treat the characters I met as unique beings in their own right and strike up a conversation asking if they were dead or if they knew they were dead, I always got the same look of complete disdain as if I was crazy. I would announce, “I was from Earth”, and then ask, “Where are you from?” Again they would look at me with the same look. I did have one experience, which I have written about previously of an Italian astral town I visited. The beings there fully comprehended they were dead and had once lived on Earth in the physical.

After three years of experiencing these from an Astral Projection angle, I then came across a book by Robert Waggoner called ‘Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self’. I was amazed after finishing his book how similar his experiences was to mine. The only difference was, he was coming from a Lucid Dreaming angle. I purposely steered away from Lucid Dreaming as I saw it as a label to normalize the inner Astral experiences in a more accepted way; most people are much more comfortable accepting these amazing fully conscious experiences if they believe it’s just another aspect of dreaming and apart of their own mind.

The further I read into Robert’s book I also realized he struggled with the limitations of just accepting it as a dream and went onto experience profound experiences way beyond the conscious mind, talking to a much greater awareness for answers and eventually moving beyond dualism and experiencing pure oneness, beyond all illusion and ego. Fully transformative spiritual experiences normally reserved for the adept Buddhist monks.

In Robert’s book he encourages people to engage with the greater awareness behind the dream, this is something you can try when fully conscious within a lucid dream or as I had being doing and is very similar, travelling astrally, out-of-body ( They’re so similar, why not treat them the same). By asking the greater awareness behind the dream you go beyond the theatre of the dream and are able to gain answers to it’s higher meaning. He also recommends engaging with dream figures and asking a simple question to each of them, such as “What do you represent?” The surprising result is most of them will be an aspect of your inner psychology and will respond telling you exactly which part of you they represent. You’re visually interacting directly with your hidden aspects. These can be real deep parts of yourself or trivial things that have gone on in your day.

I had been using my own intention-based techniques to become fully conscious, however, Robert mentions a very simple one. Just before you’re going to sleep keep repeating this intention over and over as you full asleep. “Tonight, I will see my hands in my dream and realize I’m dreaming.” Be patient with this as it took two nights of attempts before it worked for me.

I was in a normal dream where I was walking along, I wasn’t fully conscious and just being swept along as part of the dream play. Then suddenly my two dream hands sprung up straight in front of my face. As soon as I saw them I instantly realized I was dreaming. The dreamscape then faded into blackness. I then asked the greater awareness to show me something important. Instantly I started moving at great speed through the void, it was almost black. A scene then appeared. I was now standing in a very long empty street with a row of strange looking two level buildings on all sides. There was no way out apart from walking to the end and seeing what was there. As I got there a man suddenly appeared out of one of the doors and shot me. I felt the bullet hit me and I woke up. I was confused, what was that all about. I was annoyed with myself that I didn’t get a chance to ask the character what he represented. Was the scene showing me I sometimes shoot myself, maybe I’m too hard on myself, which I often am.

With that experience in mind I waited for the next lucid experience to occur about a week later. In this dream I was about to jump off a low ledge when I suddenly realized I was dreaming. Exactly the same thing happened, the dream collapsed as I become fully conscious. I was now spinning and moving at great speed through a dark void. I could feel a pull on my central solar plexus as I was spinning. After a while a scene opened in front of me and I was located in a large open plan shop type space. Then different dream figures appeared.

I approached a man and asked, “What do you represent?” he replied straight back and said, “I’m starving.” I confirmed by saying “Am I hungry then?” and he said, “Yes!” I then realized I could feel slight hunger pangs from my stomach. I mused how amazing such a trivial thing as slight hunger renders a dream characters into a scene and how ignorant we are of all the dream aspects when not fully conscious, or perhaps it represents my hunger for answers and meaning.

I then saw another young lady sitting down, she was hunched over with her head in her hands. She looked very sad. I asked her what she represented but another lady came over and indicated that she couldn’t speak. I decided to reach down and give her a hug instead.

Then I noticed another man who was very unkempt and neglected. I had the impression straight away he was most likely a hidden neglected part of myself. When I asked what he represented, the lady next to me just said, “He will being going to sleep tomorrow, but don’t worry I will teach you how to wake him up again?” Then the dream collapsed and I woke up.

I was very confused by the answer from the man, is a hidden neglected part of myself going to sleep? And I will need to be shown how to wake that aspect up again? Perhaps I will find out on forthcoming journeys in the unconscious, I look forward to delving further and gaining more insight into my own psychology and the greater awareness.

If you have had any experiences or have any questions feel free to join my group and post a comment or your topic.

Ian Jones

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Astral Projection Eating, Drinking and Mirror Experiments
Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Astral Projection Eating, Drinking and Mirror Experiments

Location: Astral World (Desire/Emotional Plane)
Body:: Astral Body
Date/Time:: 12-Feb-2017 – 4:38am

This started from a dream where I was looking down on my old childhood garden from the vantage point of a 20 foot wooden tower. I was standing next to my daughter. We both held hands and had a brief conversation that we could jump and fly with no harm coming to us. The dream was fairly lucid at this point.

We then jumped off and flew through the air together towards the ground. However, this action catapulted me out of the dream state and into full waking consciousness. My daughter then disappeared as reality shifted and I became conscious in my Astral body. I was now alone in this hyper real setting.

I found myself hovering upside down with my head anchored about three foot from the plants below me. I was totally in awe, just staring at the plants inches from my head; taking in all the exquisite detail and amazed at how real it was. I then had an idea to conduct an experiment using my different senses. I reached down and touched the leaves, they felt very real, interestingly my hand didn’t go through them. I then had another idea to experiment with taste. I reached out and pulled some leaves into my mouth and munched on them. They tasted just like spinach, I could feel the texture, taste and the feeling of the food going down, even though I was upside down.

I then noticed green berries that resembled grapes. I started to chew on them as well. They tasted so juicy and real. The flavor lingered for a few seconds and felt and tasted just like normal grapes.

After a while I reoriented my body to a walking/floating position. As I turned around I could see my old house from my childhood. I was in the garden looking at the patio doors. It felt and looked 80% accurate but with lots of subtle differences. I tried to move through the wall but it wouldn’t initially let me. After some willpower and mental effort I floated through the wall and into my old kitchen.

The kitchen layout was a mixture of how it used to look 30 years ago but with modern elements overlaid. As I don’t live there anymore I have no idea what the present owners have done to it. Perhaps I was seeing an Astral overlay of thoughts from two time periods. I was still in this amazing state of full consciousness. I felt I was truly there as if in person. I then opened the cupboard and discovered a large bottle of coke. I don’t drink coke and was very disappointed to see it but I wanted to try another experiment of drinking in the Astral. I took a large gulp from the bottle. It tasted and felt exactly like coke. I could feel the coldness and the fizzy bubbles going down my throat. It even quenched my thirst.

I then turned around and saw a mirror on the kitchen wall exactly where it used to be, the only difference was we had a rectangle mirror and this was oval shaped. I then proceeded to look in the mirror. To my surprise the reflection that came back wasn’t me at all, but it reacted perfectly to my movements. The person looking back looked very thin in the face, and had an eastern European look to them. I then tried to put my hand through the mirror but this reality was very solid. Only after a lot of effort was I able to press my fingers into the glass as if the mirror was made of a soft gel like substance.

Then scene then faded and I was back in bed fully awake and alert.

Astral projection to the house with the green door
Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Astral projection to the house with the green door

Location: Astral World (Desire/Emotional Plane)
Body:: Astral Body
Date/Time:: 31-Jan-2017 – 4:47am

I was having a fairly lucid dream. I had about 99% of my full conscious awareness but not quite fully.

In the lucid dream, I found myself walking up to a house located on the corner of a street. The house looked very similar to a house I had jogged past earlier in the day, located in Thundersley.  The house looked like a normal two-up-two-down Victorian house, slightly modernized. I walked up to a house with a solid green door. I noticed there was no letterbox, door handle or door bell. I wondered how I would get in.

On further inspection I discovered there was a lock, so I inserted my now materialized dream key into the lock. Before I could even touch the lock the door swung open.   I walked in and got the impression it was a normal family home; it had a homely vibe and very welcoming. I walked via the hallway to the main living room on the left. For some reason I was drawn to the carpet. I examined the beige carpet in detail, taking in the texture and colour. I noticed as I often do, that we have the exact same carpet upstairs in our house. This instantly catapulted me out of the dream type state and into full waking consciousness and fully conscious into an Astral version of reality.   It became hyper real and solid, not at all dream like and very stable.

I then decided to go from room to room. I first went into the kitchen where I found a middle age couple in there fifties. Surprisingly they were not shocked to see me. They didn’t say anything but just smiled. For some reason I felt compelled to affectionately pat them on their heads.   As these experiences don’t tend to last very long I didn’t want to waste anytime and wanted to explore the house further. I then walked up the first flight of stairs. I didn’t float or materialize upstairs; I walked up as I would in the physical world. In the first bedroom there was two sisters sitting together on the bed. As I walked in they just smiled and didn’t say anything. I found myself patting them on the head as well. I then left the bedroom and walked into the bathroom where a teenage lad was finishing up washing. I quickly left and made my way back downstairs.

I then started to feel an urgency that the experience would end soon.

Back downstairs I said my goodbyes to the parents in the kitchen and walked towards the end of the hallway and out into the garden.   The garden had a wooden open-air roof type structure across the patio to keep the rain off. At this point I just wanted to experiment with the Astral Reality, so I proceeded to jump like superman onto the wooden roof, which was about eight feet above the ground. I ran along until I got the far end of the garden and leaped out of the garden into a completely different scene. I was now in some kind of old people home in the garden area. I was leaping high across lots of different tables doing somersaults and swinging off trees. I heard one old lady shout, “ Be careful you will hurt yourself!” I replied back, “I can’t, I’m in my Astral Body!” And with no further purpose the experience faded back to full waking consciousness with no break in thought. It was as if the scene just simply faded. I was now sitting up fully awake and alert.

My trip to an Italian looking Astral realm – A tangible Consensus Reality or Afterlife?
Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

My trip to an Italian looking Astral realm – A tangible Consensus Reality or Afterlife?

OBE to Italian style Astral Realm

Experience from Friday, 11th March 2016 : 6:30am
(Written up 17th Sep 2016)

I was having a fairly lucid dream where I was in Basildon town centre, near the end of the high street where Toys R Us is located. ( I used to live in Basildon 17 years ago, before moving to Leigh-on-Sea.)  I was standing in the square where the letting agents were situated and I was busy watching various yellow, low flying aircraft that were very modern in design with no visible propellers. They were streamline and elegant and were flying very low through the air doing loops and turns.

I decided I wanted to touch them and had the desire to rise up and fly with them. I was now flying alongside them, enjoying the freedom this gave me. Suddenly the dream became ultra lucid as I became fully conscious. This instantly created a pull away from my physical body and I was sucked out into the void. I felt myself floating somewhere in the dark.

After a short while a doorway appeared in the distance which contrasted vividly against the pure black background. The scene within the door frame was very active and vibrant with people going about their business. The door zoomed towards me and I found myself enveloped in it. I entered into a bustling family restaurant and my first impression of the people and decor was this was some kind of Italian restaurant, possibly located in a replica of a scenic Italian town somewhere.

I then became aware of two children who ran to greet me, they started teasing me, engaging me to play with them. They were very mischievous and friendly. ( I wish I could have said the same thing about the restaurant owner who was very annoyed at my sudden arrival.)

Astonished as to where I was and in full waking consciousness, I thought it would be good to ask a question to the restaurant owner. “Are you dead?” I said to the Man. That just made him even more disgruntled with a look of sheer disdain. Looking around, I noticed normal everyday people sitting at the tables eating and drinking. Initially the quality of scene was a tiny bit grainy which reminded me of an old analog colour T.V when not quite in tune. Oddly, this gave me the impression I was in an American T.V show at first.

With my Astral body being much more agile and light, I made a hasty retreat by skipping over a number of wooden tables placed down a narrow corridor. I noticed the walls were made of a light brown stock type of brick, very attractive. I then hovered over the tables and headed straight for the door.

Once outside the visual quality of the scene upgraded drastically into full ultra HD quality. The children were still chasing after me shouting, “Come back!” I felt the draw to keep on going. The restaurant I had exited was located high up in the town which was looking down onto rocks by the sea, the sky was a beautiful blue with warm sunshine. I could see lots of people wandering around on the rocks in the distance. I quickly looked back at the town again to take it all in. The town was very picturesque snuggled into a hilly and rocky landscape. It had a lot of character and highly populated. Compared to other places I have visited, this felt like a solid consensus reality, every much real and static as the Earth’s physical reality we know and love.

It didn’t take me long to float down towards the rocks. There were lots of people scattered around collecting unknown objects off the rocks. I then also noticed other humanoid entities with horses heads working and collecting items on the rocks as well. I was fascinated by this. The horse headed beings looked very natural. I tried to get close to them to check them out, but they gave off a warning growl if I got too close.  I decided to leave them alone.

I then decided to approach somebody to ask them some questions and gain some insight into this place. I approached a very well weathered looking man of around mid 40’s in age, he had the demeanor of a “Man’s Man”. He spoke with an Irish accent. Initially he was very bitter and angry inside for some reason. I said, “Do you know if you’re alive or dead?” He snapped back that he was in fact dead and had died in the troubles in Northern Ireland when a bomb had taken his life.

At first he was very suspicious of me, especially due to my English accent. I then repeated another question, “Are you aware that I’m a alive and visiting from the physical Earth?” He then started to study my Aura, Chakras and finally seeking out my silver chord connected to my Astral body. Suddenly he became aware of the chord which was now fully visible to him. I hadn’t noticed it myself until he had focused on it. He proceeded to pick it up and tug hard on the chord which was rising up out of the rocks like a rope into my solar plexus.

His whole demeanor then suddenly changed and was now extremely excited with his new found discovery. He said, “I have to show this to my brother, nobody will believe me that people like you can visit us. He will be amazed.”

We then made our way back up the rocks to where a larger group of people were assembled near the road. As we got there the Irish man introduced me to his brother and friends. They all seemed very friendly. Eager to impress I started to show of my Astral flying skills. I zipped around doing somersaults and whizzing around in the air just above them. This instantly created an icebreaker. One of them started to rise up and float into the air. He then magically made his legs disappear. The group were all laughing in good spirits. Another man then started changing his body around by placing his nipples downwards on his chest and arms and changing their form by moving body parts to different locations on the body. It was ridiculous but very funny as well, everyone was in hysterics.

The Irish man said that it was very difficult on this Astral level to maintain a different looking body for long because their subconscious minds from Earth are still very strong. This helps to reinforce their body blueprint. It takes much effort on this plane to keep the changes manifested. The physical environment here is very solid and just as stable as Earth’s consensus realty.

I then asked the group if they eat or sleep. Another member of the group replied and said they can sleep if they wanted to, maybe for two hours at the most in terms of Earth time, but it isn’t required. He also said they don’t need food to survive but many choose to carry on eating and enjoying the pleasures of Earth. They often got together at night to play games with the group rather than sleep. I didn’t get the chance to ask if it gets dark or whether he was just confirming that they play games rather than sleep.

Then a pretty young woman spoke up and told me she had only been here for roughly two Earth years since passing over. I had so many questions that were coming thick and fast from my mind. “Do people have romances, have jobs?… “ I could feel I was now asking too many questions. I felt the pull on my solar plexus and knew the experience was coming to an end. I could hear my voice echoing lots of  questions to the group, I was now becoming detached from the scene. Everything started to fade and my consciousness was pulled from the scene. I started to wake up with slight duel awareness of the scene and my body back on the bed. In no time I was fully alert with absolutely no break in consciousness within my physical body on the bed.

It has taken me six months to sit down and write up this experience on my blog. I had made detailed notes in my notepad but just couldn’t bring myself to write it up. The experience was extremely real and vivid. More than waking reality itself. In comparison to a dream which fades very quickly, this experience has stayed with me. Crystal clear memories still intact to this day, six months later.

The people on this Astral plain had very real tangible personalities with the same issues, psychology, emotions, character traits as normal living and breathing humans. From being moody and suspicious one moment to happy and demonstrating a wonderful sense of humor once they built my trust. The environment was very sunny and warm but the people still carried emotional baggage like bitterness, resentment and regret. No doubt they still had issues to resolve just as they would have on Earth.

On further research I discovered the following reference on wikipeida about the symbolism of horse headed faces in chinese mythology. It appears to tie in neatly with the beings I may have discovered. Were their actions on the rocks symbolising the collection of souls? Rather than looking at the scene in a literal sense, perhaps I was being shown symbolically a realm where new souls go to adjust. The idea of a beautiful holiday resort set in an idyllic looking landscape would be a welcome scene for souls starting their voyage into the afterlife.

Reference from Wikipedia.

Ox-Head and Horse-Face are two guardians or types of guardians of the Underworld in Chinese mythology. As indicated by their names, both have the bodies of men, but Ox-Head has the head of an ox while Horse-Face has the face of a horse. They are the first beings a dead soul encounters upon entering the Underworld; in many stories they directly escort the newly dead to the Underworld.

Why is OM so powerful in the OBE/Lucid state?
Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Why is OM so powerful in the OBE/Lucid state?

Why is OM so powerful in the OBE/Lucid state?
I have had a break from attempting OBEs/Lucid dreams since the start of the school holidays, with so many commitments with my family and my routine shot to bits.
Anyhow, last night I wanted to try and invoke one again. I get worried I’m loosing the ability when not practicing for while. I’m still meditating daily, although at different times at the moment.
Last night I meditated before bed. I had run a 5k a few hours earlier, practicing for a 10k run in October. My body felt really relaxed and tiered; which is the perfect state to be in.
I woke about 1:30am. Went to the bathroom, drank some water and then set an intention about five times to awake (Or be aware at least) after each natural sleep cycle. The intention is to attempt an exit by wiggling a toe, arm etc,
Anyhow, I did awake some time later and could feel myself moving at great speed through the mattress. For quite a long time I was in darkness and spinning. I could feel a very strong pull on my lower chakras as experienced on a recent journey.
Eventually with no real direction or location in mind, and my calls to locate to the Moon or bring clarity, I returned back to my body disappointed. I then woke up and went back to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom once again I then noticed things were odd, the layout wasn’t correct. I then realised I was in a false awakening. I placed my hand straight through the wall.
This then capitulated me again travelling at great speed through the darkness once again. Even though it was dark, I made a conscious effort to move through the walls of my bedroom and outside. Although I couldn’t see anything. I tried commanding “Clarity Now” but it wouldn’t work.
I then had the idea to meditate within the OBE/Lucid state and started humming OM. The effects were instant. Suddenly the sound of my OM became a very powerful omnipresent sound thundering off all around me. I was consumed by it’s power. Then it was as if somebody had switched the lights on. I was now on the pavement outside, it was nighttime and dark but I could now clearly see two creatures sitting right next to me. As my vision developed I could see that one was a black Panther and the other creature was a strange looking plump reptile of some kind. It looked pretty friendly. I’m not sure what it was though. Suddenly I was transported back to my body again in bed.
I then left once again and this time I was transported to a place where I was sitting with two other Astral travellers. One guy was about 60-65 years old with a slight white beard. The other guy was bald and shorter, perhaps in his 50s. The bearded guy was showing me a blue bracelet he had made that aided in his travels out. He said it helped reinforce the intention of entering the Astral realm when wearing it during sleep. I noted that I should make one too. We joked that our bodies were still sleeping back in bed. I told them about my daily commitment to meditation. The bald guy said he didn’t meditate at all and in fact he still smoked and drank quite a bit but could still get there.
After a while I left again and returned back to my body. I spent a few moments to remember the details and then let the experiences go to fall into a deep sleep. I had some good dreams for the rest of the night and awoke in the morning with complete memory of the experience.
The power of the OM during the experience is still with me. I think we underestimate the power of the OM during meditation whilst awake as we don’t always witness its great power.
Have a great day and happy travelling :-) Ian
OBE Visit to the Brilliant Little Laser Room
Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

OBE Visit to the Brilliant Little Laser Room

22nd June 2016

I had been ill on Sunday into Monday with a 24-sickness bug that pretty much made me bedridden. I felt as if my whole system had been rebooted. On the Tuesday I meditated and decided to let-go of experiencing OBEs for a while and just concentrate on my daily meditations. I felt the need to develop a deeper connection spiritually.

I hadn’t had an OBE since the 7th of May 2016. I felt as is my subconscious was kicking back, forcing me to concentrate on grounded matters.

Anyhow, with all that said and done, I woke up last night at 2:30am after experiencing another OBE.

It started off within a dream sequence.
I was in a dream where the scene pretty much resembled a sword-fighting scene from the Game of Thrones.   Not surprising as I had just watched a similar fighting scene in an episode the night before. In the scene I was watching two figures fight it out. I observed the action scene firstly as an observer, and then as the person fighting before swapping back.

My dream character was struck with the sword and fatally wounded. In the next scene the figure was resurrected and now wearing a large golden/copper helmet or mask that covered his whole head. The mask was very shiny and golden. The figure was also now enthusiastically tap dancing on a large golden metallic floor, like a checkerboard but made out of gold/copper.

I was now the figure again. I then started to rise up and move forward floating towards the edges of the arena. All around the arena was a protective netting. I picked up speed and started bouncing off the netting around the large arena.

I was now moving quite quickly through the air towards a point at the far left corner. As I got closer I could see that I was heading towards a man that was standing there. As I reached the corner I put my hand out in front of me and pushed against the man’s head. This catapulted me back in the opposite direction at great speed.

As I flew through the air I suddenly became fully conscious. The dream scene now faded, I was now floating as a fully aware and awake consciousness through a void.

Eventually I came to stand still within a dimly lit wooden room. I could sense a female presence in the room, I couldn’t see anybody but I could feel and hear a lady there.

The walls were really busy covered with lots of paper, perhaps thoughts or memories.
The lady had a long baton type object in her hand; it was a laser type gun or wand. She was shooting faces that kept appearing on the wall in front of us. The faces appeared to be manually drawn onto jagged scissor cut pieces of paper. They were roughly drawn faces a young child might draw. As each face appeared randomly on the wall in front, she would shoot the face to make it disappear.

At first I didn’t realize what was going on, but after a while I got the hang of what I was seeing. I then looked down at my right hand to discover I also had a laser type gun as well. I then joined in shooting the faces as they appeared.

I then turned to the wall to my right and started shooting the faces that popped up there as well. But she quickly told me not to shoot those. Only the faces on the front wall.

I then remembered an experiment I wanted to try the next time I did an OBE. I had the idea of assigning a mnemonic (name) to help me easily remember the experience and create a concrete name I could invoke at a future date to appear there again.   The lady recommended the phrase: ‘Brilliant Little Laser Room’.

As soon as I gave the experience a name the scene faded and I was transported with full conscious awareness back to my body.

On reflection of this experience, what struck me was how clearly I felt the presence of this lady, even watching her fire the laser at the faces. But despite all that, I didn’t actually see her. I have always had a very busy analytical mind. In recent months meditation has been instrumental in quieting it down and allowing me to take control of it. I wonder if the experience is my subconscious visually showing me clearing out the clutter. It’s interesting the lady (Feminine, right brain) wouldn’t allow me to shoot things from the right. Perhaps to help me develop more intuition aided by the right side of the brain. Food for thought!



Two OBEs – 3D Maze with Emotionless People and a Slave Colony
Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Two OBEs – 3D Maze with Emotionless People and a Slave Colony

Saturday 23rd April 2016 – 2 x OBEs

I got up at 2am and went to the spare room. I first relaxed all my physical muscles by tensing and releasing each separate muscle from my feet all the way up to my head. I then did the same thing mentally until I felt totally relaxed, with the feeling of almost floating in space with waves of relaxation flowing through my body. I then started to repeat the affirmation, “The next time I wake up, I will enter the phase!”

Whilst doing the affirmation I held a desire or visualisation of me waking up and being in that perfect in-between state of wakefulness and sleep; also known as the Phase. I then meditated for about 45 minutes. I then returned back to my bed and continued the previous affirmation until I felt too tired to continue. The hypnogogic state then set in with the odd floating images. I rolled over onto my side and simply LET GO and surrendered to sleep.

OBE 1 – 3D Industrial Maze – Emotionless People

I awoke to find I was in the OBE phase state, I could feel the vibrations rolling through my body. I went with the experience and found myself floating above my body. I couldn’t see very well at first as it was mostly black. I could just make out an industrial setting as if I was inside a huge metal tank or container. I then saw a doorway appear with a scene beyond it. I set the intention that when I jumped through it, I would see my late Dad. However, on jumping through the doorway I then appeared in some kind of Clay processing plant with connecting tubes/pipes leading through a maze of tunnels.

There were tunnels going off in all four directions, up, down, left and right. It reminded me of a 3D version of computer game, Mario Brothers. I was now in this 3D maze.

I followed the tube along the tunnel until I entered into one of the small hubs connecting each section. I then followed the tube as it then went down through the hole beneath me. I jumped through the gap in the floor and floated down to a similar room below. The place was very well lit. I found myself climbing over the tubes to get through to another section. I could feel the metal pushing against my body as I tried to squeeze through to another section. The further I moved through the tunnels and climbing over more metal tubes, the harder and tighter the space was becoming. I was worried that if I kept going I would end up getting stuck.

I looked up to study one of the small hub type rooms where the tubes converge and was surprised to see a collection of children’s water paints on a shelf. I also got the impression this was some kind of clay processing plant. For what, I had no idea. I then noticed a doorway just behind me. This led me straight outside where it was pouring with rain. The sky was overcast and grey.

I could now see I was on a high-up walkway connecting different parts of this very industrial looking building. The outside section I was located was only about 6 metres long and led into another processing maze of tubes on the other side. Above me I could see another much higher ledge about 8 meters up with people walking around. What struck me was how completely emotionless they were. It wasn’t a very happy place for sure. I had been looking for my Dad but instead I ended up in a rather depressing environment. The experience was as real as waking reality, the environment felt very solid and arduous to navigate. Was this some kind of test or a symbolic construction of my subconscious? After a while I felt the pull and faded back to my body with no break in consciousness and full memories intact.

OBE 2 – Jump through mirror into a Slave Colony

The next OBE happened an hour later after setting the same affirmation, “The next time I wake up, I will enter the phase!”

At some point I did wake up or at least I thought I had. I opened my eyes and could clearly see my bedroom. However, as the vibrations started to kick in, I started to sink deeper into the mattress. Surprisingly, my bed had turned into a deep pool of water. The substance was a dark like fluid. I didn’t feel any fear and simply used my astral arms to swim towards the headboard and pull myself out. I then floated just above my bed. I couldn’t see my physical body which confirmed I was in an alternate copy of reality, very close to the construction of the physical world. I could now see my wife on her side of the bed, which is odd as she had moved to the spare room. More proof this wasn’t the physical world but a clever reconstruction.

I then floated off the bed and made my way to the hallway. I like to use the hallway mirror as a kind of portal into other realms. I was conscious that I needed to formulate a plan of action quickly or the experience could end. With no time to waste I jumped into the mirror.

As I passed through the mirror I could clearly feel and see the internal structure of the walls. I was half expecting to pass straight through and land in my garden as I have done previously. However, this time I found myself on the outside of an unknown wooden building. I was in the process of trying to climb down.

As I surveyed the scene I quickly realised just how disturbing it was. I could see groups of African looking people being held as slaves. They were tied together in groups. It reminded of the African slave colonies from the Atlantic slave trade. One poor man was tied up in chains and had clearly been mistreated.

They all looked up in my direction. I was extremely shocked to be witnessing such a scene. As I jumped down I had the thought to look at my own arms. I then discovered I also had the same skin as the people around me. As I quickly looked around, I could see their white masters off in the distance. Unfortunately for me, they had just seen me climb down.

I started to run as fast as I could in the opposite direction, but they were now coming at me from all sides. One of them had a weapon who suddenly took aim. I saw a very sharp projectile coming straight at me which instantly hit me in the side. I felt a very quick burst of pain before shooting straight back to my body with no ill effects, other than feeling quite disturbed by the experience. Could this have been a past life or something else?  As I get better at navigating these experiences, I would like to get clarification on what this actually meant.

Astral Spiritualist Church / Workshop – The beautiful Congregation
Dream, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Astral Spiritualist Church / Workshop – The beautiful Congregation

I spent the night in the spare bedroom. I had a rotten cold and didn’t want to disturb my wife who has had trouble sleeping of late. Before going to sleep I used a repeated affirmation, “I, out-of-body Now!” I used this each time I woke during the night to get back to sleep.

Dream – > Lucid Dream – > OBE

I had a dream where I had visited my friend Duncan. We hadn’t seen each other for ages. I visited his flat (In physical reality, it was my old flat). Whilst there I was showing him something on my laptop computer, when I noticed it had become hacked. Somebody was now controlling the screen. They were opening the web browser and moving things around. This really worried me; I went into the security settings in an attempt to block them. After a while their activity stopped. Duncan’s wife was in their living room (My old living room). The layout of their flat mirrored a flat I had lived in with my brother when we were in our twenties.

Duncan suggested we go into another room to relax away from the computer and catch up on old times. As we entered this other room (In reality this would have been my old bedroom), I noticed he had converted it into a huge space. The room looked ten times bigger than it would normally. The furniture was positioned as if it was a spiritualist church. All down the middle of the room/hall was seating for people. At the front of the room was a raised stage and rostrum/table. The room now resembled a hall. The transformation was stunning.

People now started to fill the hall. Everybody was extremely attractive and in their prime. I looked around at some of the lady’s; they were in beautiful smart dresses. They appeared to be in their twenties. They all looked very familiar, I couldn’t quite place them but assumed they must have been T.V stars. The feeling you get when you know people’s faces but you can’t place them.

I decided to sit on a bench far at the back. I felt a little bit out of place due to my sleeping attire. The room was now filled with these young beautiful people. A pretty blond lady took to the stage and sat behind the rostrum in preparation. I had the impression she was going to give clairvoyance. I then got the impression that all the other people in the room also had this gift.

My friend had now disappeared. I was now sitting by myself. Suddenly, I started to feel intense vibrations rocking through my body as I sat on the wooden bench. I felt myself bouncing up and down very fast on the bench. It was uncontrollable. I felt really embarrassed. I just couldn’t control it, I’m sure the bench must have been making an awful noise and I was disturbing the tranquility of the room. Then a lady who was sitting behind me put her hand on my back. This had a calming influence on me. I then wondered if it was perhaps my astral body doing the vibrating and not the physical one. Bang! Suddenly, I was now airborne. I was now floating effortlessly just above where I had been sitting. I started to float gently down to the front of the hall. The people in the congregation could see me. They looked very pleased. I then floated to the very front of the hall where the clairvoyant lady was sitting on the stage. I reached out my hand to greet her. She reciprocated and reached up and shook my hand ever so elegantly. She was glowing, very beautiful with delicate perfect features. I then floated to a group of people just in front of the stage and reached out to touch their hands too. They could also see me and also reached up to shake my hand. Again, what struck me was how perfect and beautiful these people were.

I then floated near to the inner wall that adjoins with the living room within my old flat. I then easily passed through the wall as if it wasn’t there. The walls were very thin as they were made of plasterboard, I could see both rooms in detail. I then exited the church room and floated into my old living room. I noticed the T.V was still on. I saw a toy monkey on a small black chair. I noted these items so I could prove it once I was back (I crazy idea now as the scene was far from reality and I have no access to that flat anymore). I then floated through the walls into what used to be my brothers old bedroom and mentally noted down objects, so I could prove to current inhabitants when firmly back in my physical body (Again, it wouldn’t be possible). After a while I floated back to my sleeping body that I had left on the bench within the church room. It was hunched over to one side, almost about to fall on the floor. Once back in my body I ran to my old toilet to lock myself inside in order to get my bearings and try and make sense of this strange lucid dream/OBE experience. I then woke up for real with my daughter asking me to buy some life style points for her iPAD Sims computer game. I consciously downloaded the experience to my mind and quickly wrote this up.


This was a unique experience for me. Rather than the usual experience of being spring boarded into an OBE from this reality, I was leaving another dream/astral body and entering into another subtler body from another state completely. The people were so friendly and beautiful in every way that I got the impression this may have been a much higher state of consciousness/reality. Perhaps my dream character Duncan was used to chaperone me there, to an astral workshop, initiation process or something else.



Purple Realm – Did I reach an Astral Heaven?
Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Purple Realm – Did I reach an Astral Heaven?

At around 4am I awoke from a vivid dream where a major London newspaper decided to run a free advert promoting an app I had created a few years before. I was just running through that dream in my mind in order to remember it. Once I had captured the main details, I decided to attempt an out-of-body separation by wiggling my astral limbs. After a few minutes I stopped as it was clear it wasn’t going to work. However, rather than feeling defeated I had this odd feeling that I could just separate by pure free will. This isn’t something I can normally do, but in that moment I was oddly confident that I could just separate on queue. I simply imagined I could separate as I had already known how but just needed to remember.

Instantly I was catapulted out. I was now floating in the blackness again. I tried to use the affirmation of “Clarity Now!” “Take me to the Moon, NOW!” to improve the situation and get me out of the dark place, but nothing would work.

After a while I started to fall ever so gracefully. I could now see large cubed blocks that were forming three-dimensional steps going down into the darkness. Each cubed step was made up of equal amounts of much smaller cubes.

On one of the steps I now became aware of a large box. It was the type of box you would store multiple reams of paper in. I floated closer to the box to take a good look. Within the darkness the paper box became extremely vivid and detailed. I zoomed in really close and took in the breath taking detail of this new inner reality. As an observation, in real life you wouldn’t be able to inspect an object with such clarity and at such a close distance with the naked eye, it would become quite blurred and strain your eyes.

The box had the words “Paper Solutions” as the main company logo. The company branding was designed in blue, white and green colours. It was a nice clean design that also used 3D embossing techniques to bring the design out slightly.

After inspecting the box I became frustrated that I was imprisoned in the dark place. I really wanted to get out into the Astral and start exploring more beautiful places.

I then started to float much higher. I then became aware of a vivid blue square window breaking the darkness. The window showed a beautiful blue summer sky beyond the glass. For some reason I just bounced off the glass. It wouldn’t allow me to pass. I tried really hard to get through but it was as physical as a brick.

As I moved towards the glass, I could make out wooden beams outside, which gave me the impression I was looking at the structure of a roof. After quite a few attempts, something happened and I was suddenly catapulted through the window and straight out into a breathtaking scene.

I was now floating above a wooden building situated in the middle of a country park. Words really can’t justify how beautiful a scene it was. The structure was quite low; it had black wooden slats going down one side of the building. It reminded me of a clubhouse you might see at a quaint cricket ground. This place felt very familiar. I couldn’t place it in physical reality. For reasons unknown I felt I had been here before.

Directly in front of the clubhouse was a field of vivid green grass that rolled off into the distance. To my right, the grass rolled on for about 100 meters. Just beyond that was stunning trees and flowers all glowing in vivid purples, pinks and reds.

I didn’t have great flying control. I was forced ever so gently down nearer to the ground. I then studied my hands to help maintain the experience and keep the experience vivid. I also affirmed “Clarity Now!”

I then decided I wanted to move towards the trees to get a better look.

I gently hovered along about a meter above the ground. I was now floating beyond the grass and through the trees with no ill affects. I then quickly turned around to review the scene. I could now see the wooden building in the background. It was then that I noticed it also had the beautiful vivid purple/pink trees behind it as well.

As I was taking in the view, I then spotted a group of joggers running across my field of vision in the distance. The atmosphere resembled a hot summers late afternoon. The sun wasn’t too high and it wasn’t too hot, it was perfect.

I also became aware of the sound of horses. I couldn’t quite locate where they were. As the experience progressed more elements were coming into focus, initially joggers and now the horses.

I then started to become aware of my physical body. My belly was rumbling. I was now in some kind of dual awareness as I started to feel all the sensations of my sleeping body. I was now worried the experience would draw to a close. I started to look at my hands again to help maintain the vividness. This time, however, my hands were wearing gloves. I tried to pop the fingers of my right hand, through my left palm but it wouldn’t go through. The scene was now starting the fade; it was as if the sun was now setting very fast into darkness. I could feel tiredness wash over me. After a few seconds I was sitting up wide a wake in bed with a smile on my face.

I grabbed my iPhone and went down stairs to note down as much as possible whilst it was fresh in my mind. Even after typing this up many hours later, the experience has stayed with me all day. I feel I have perhaps touched a little piece of heaven.