Using Lucid Dreams to Speak to the Unconscious and Gain Spiritual Guidance
Astral Projection, Dream, Lucid Dreaming

Using Lucid Dreams to Speak to the Unconscious and Gain Spiritual Guidance

Over the last few years I have been experimenting with various techniques known as out-of-body (OOBE), Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming. I have had relative success in applying textbook techniques and being able to experience each known state.

In my earlier experiments I would apply out-of-body methods to roll myself out of my body whilst in an in-between waking and sleeping state, I would use an intention to wake up whilst in this state known as the phase, then roll out.

I would either roll out into a carbon copy of my bedroom, albeit with very slight 0.1% differences where I could explore a copy of my house or roll into a completely different reality. I had full conscious awareness and interacted with intelligent complex people going about their astral or lucid dreaming business.

My later attempts seemed to avoid rolling out into my current reality and would skip straight into weird and wonderful astral experiences, exploring realties much like Earth or very close to appearing like it.

Because I initially came into these experiences from an Astral Projection view I would always treat the characters I met as unique beings in their own right and strike up a conversation asking if they were dead or if they knew they were dead, I always got the same look of complete disdain as if I was crazy. I would announce, “I was from Earth”, and then ask, “Where are you from?” Again they would look at me with the same look. I did have one experience, which I have written about previously of an Italian astral town I visited. The beings there fully comprehended they were dead and had once lived on Earth in the physical.

After three years of experiencing these from an Astral Projection angle, I then came across a book by Robert Waggoner called ‘Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self’. I was amazed after finishing his book how similar his experiences was to mine. The only difference was, he was coming from a Lucid Dreaming angle. I purposely steered away from Lucid Dreaming as I saw it as a label to normalize the inner Astral experiences in a more accepted way; most people are much more comfortable accepting these amazing fully conscious experiences if they believe it’s just another aspect of dreaming and apart of their own mind.

The further I read into Robert’s book I also realized he struggled with the limitations of just accepting it as a dream and went onto experience profound experiences way beyond the conscious mind, talking to a much greater awareness for answers and eventually moving beyond dualism and experiencing pure oneness, beyond all illusion and ego. Fully transformative spiritual experiences normally reserved for the adept Buddhist monks.

In Robert’s book he encourages people to engage with the greater awareness behind the dream, this is something you can try when fully conscious within a lucid dream or as I had being doing and is very similar, travelling astrally, out-of-body ( They’re so similar, why not treat them the same). By asking the greater awareness behind the dream you go beyond the theatre of the dream and are able to gain answers to it’s higher meaning. He also recommends engaging with dream figures and asking a simple question to each of them, such as “What do you represent?” The surprising result is most of them will be an aspect of your inner psychology and will respond telling you exactly which part of you they represent. You’re visually interacting directly with your hidden aspects. These can be real deep parts of yourself or trivial things that have gone on in your day.

I had been using my own intention-based techniques to become fully conscious, however, Robert mentions a very simple one. Just before you’re going to sleep keep repeating this intention over and over as you full asleep. “Tonight, I will see my hands in my dream and realize I’m dreaming.” Be patient with this as it took two nights of attempts before it worked for me.

I was in a normal dream where I was walking along, I wasn’t fully conscious and just being swept along as part of the dream play. Then suddenly my two dream hands sprung up straight in front of my face. As soon as I saw them I instantly realized I was dreaming. The dreamscape then faded into blackness. I then asked the greater awareness to show me something important. Instantly I started moving at great speed through the void, it was almost black. A scene then appeared. I was now standing in a very long empty street with a row of strange looking two level buildings on all sides. There was no way out apart from walking to the end and seeing what was there. As I got there a man suddenly appeared out of one of the doors and shot me. I felt the bullet hit me and I woke up. I was confused, what was that all about. I was annoyed with myself that I didn’t get a chance to ask the character what he represented. Was the scene showing me I sometimes shoot myself, maybe I’m too hard on myself, which I often am.

With that experience in mind I waited for the next lucid experience to occur about a week later. In this dream I was about to jump off a low ledge when I suddenly realized I was dreaming. Exactly the same thing happened, the dream collapsed as I become fully conscious. I was now spinning and moving at great speed through a dark void. I could feel a pull on my central solar plexus as I was spinning. After a while a scene opened in front of me and I was located in a large open plan shop type space. Then different dream figures appeared.

I approached a man and asked, “What do you represent?” he replied straight back and said, “I’m starving.” I confirmed by saying “Am I hungry then?” and he said, “Yes!” I then realized I could feel slight hunger pangs from my stomach. I mused how amazing such a trivial thing as slight hunger renders a dream characters into a scene and how ignorant we are of all the dream aspects when not fully conscious, or perhaps it represents my hunger for answers and meaning.

I then saw another young lady sitting down, she was hunched over with her head in her hands. She looked very sad. I asked her what she represented but another lady came over and indicated that she couldn’t speak. I decided to reach down and give her a hug instead.

Then I noticed another man who was very unkempt and neglected. I had the impression straight away he was most likely a hidden neglected part of myself. When I asked what he represented, the lady next to me just said, “He will being going to sleep tomorrow, but don’t worry I will teach you how to wake him up again?” Then the dream collapsed and I woke up.

I was very confused by the answer from the man, is a hidden neglected part of myself going to sleep? And I will need to be shown how to wake that aspect up again? Perhaps I will find out on forthcoming journeys in the unconscious, I look forward to delving further and gaining more insight into my own psychology and the greater awareness.

If you have had any experiences or have any questions feel free to join my group and post a comment or your topic.

Ian Jones

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Astral Spiritualist Church / Workshop – The beautiful Congregation
Dream, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Astral Spiritualist Church / Workshop – The beautiful Congregation

I spent the night in the spare bedroom. I had a rotten cold and didn’t want to disturb my wife who has had trouble sleeping of late. Before going to sleep I used a repeated affirmation, “I, out-of-body Now!” I used this each time I woke during the night to get back to sleep.

Dream – > Lucid Dream – > OBE

I had a dream where I had visited my friend Duncan. We hadn’t seen each other for ages. I visited his flat (In physical reality, it was my old flat). Whilst there I was showing him something on my laptop computer, when I noticed it had become hacked. Somebody was now controlling the screen. They were opening the web browser and moving things around. This really worried me; I went into the security settings in an attempt to block them. After a while their activity stopped. Duncan’s wife was in their living room (My old living room). The layout of their flat mirrored a flat I had lived in with my brother when we were in our twenties.

Duncan suggested we go into another room to relax away from the computer and catch up on old times. As we entered this other room (In reality this would have been my old bedroom), I noticed he had converted it into a huge space. The room looked ten times bigger than it would normally. The furniture was positioned as if it was a spiritualist church. All down the middle of the room/hall was seating for people. At the front of the room was a raised stage and rostrum/table. The room now resembled a hall. The transformation was stunning.

People now started to fill the hall. Everybody was extremely attractive and in their prime. I looked around at some of the lady’s; they were in beautiful smart dresses. They appeared to be in their twenties. They all looked very familiar, I couldn’t quite place them but assumed they must have been T.V stars. The feeling you get when you know people’s faces but you can’t place them.

I decided to sit on a bench far at the back. I felt a little bit out of place due to my sleeping attire. The room was now filled with these young beautiful people. A pretty blond lady took to the stage and sat behind the rostrum in preparation. I had the impression she was going to give clairvoyance. I then got the impression that all the other people in the room also had this gift.

My friend had now disappeared. I was now sitting by myself. Suddenly, I started to feel intense vibrations rocking through my body as I sat on the wooden bench. I felt myself bouncing up and down very fast on the bench. It was uncontrollable. I felt really embarrassed. I just couldn’t control it, I’m sure the bench must have been making an awful noise and I was disturbing the tranquility of the room. Then a lady who was sitting behind me put her hand on my back. This had a calming influence on me. I then wondered if it was perhaps my astral body doing the vibrating and not the physical one. Bang! Suddenly, I was now airborne. I was now floating effortlessly just above where I had been sitting. I started to float gently down to the front of the hall. The people in the congregation could see me. They looked very pleased. I then floated to the very front of the hall where the clairvoyant lady was sitting on the stage. I reached out my hand to greet her. She reciprocated and reached up and shook my hand ever so elegantly. She was glowing, very beautiful with delicate perfect features. I then floated to a group of people just in front of the stage and reached out to touch their hands too. They could also see me and also reached up to shake my hand. Again, what struck me was how perfect and beautiful these people were.

I then floated near to the inner wall that adjoins with the living room within my old flat. I then easily passed through the wall as if it wasn’t there. The walls were very thin as they were made of plasterboard, I could see both rooms in detail. I then exited the church room and floated into my old living room. I noticed the T.V was still on. I saw a toy monkey on a small black chair. I noted these items so I could prove it once I was back (I crazy idea now as the scene was far from reality and I have no access to that flat anymore). I then floated through the walls into what used to be my brothers old bedroom and mentally noted down objects, so I could prove to current inhabitants when firmly back in my physical body (Again, it wouldn’t be possible). After a while I floated back to my sleeping body that I had left on the bench within the church room. It was hunched over to one side, almost about to fall on the floor. Once back in my body I ran to my old toilet to lock myself inside in order to get my bearings and try and make sense of this strange lucid dream/OBE experience. I then woke up for real with my daughter asking me to buy some life style points for her iPAD Sims computer game. I consciously downloaded the experience to my mind and quickly wrote this up.


This was a unique experience for me. Rather than the usual experience of being spring boarded into an OBE from this reality, I was leaving another dream/astral body and entering into another subtler body from another state completely. The people were so friendly and beautiful in every way that I got the impression this may have been a much higher state of consciousness/reality. Perhaps my dream character Duncan was used to chaperone me there, to an astral workshop, initiation process or something else.



Letting Go! – Dream to OBE Conversion
Astral Projection, Dream, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Letting Go! – Dream to OBE Conversion

Last night I had another small OBE, this experience converted straight from a dream. I still have more experiences to write up going back to 9th of February 2016. I will be interjecting new experiences as I go.

It’s also been 15 days since two other experiences I had on the 26th of March, which I also need to write up at some point.

I was worried that was I trying too hard. I got to the point wheopre I was making attempts every night and putting a lot of pressure on my sub-conscious to deliver. I decided to Let Go and make attempts a few times a week to see what would happen. I’m still writing down my dreams everyday and updating a database of any conditions that I can use to analyse with later, such as diet, meditation practices, life-style and well-being etc.

In terms of diet and life-style this experience definitely bucked the trend. I did meditate during the day for an hour before my mum turned up to come out with me for the day with my daughter. I did a visualization of a London bus. I used an additional technique to touch and feel the experience. I’m not great at visualization when fully conscious, the touch element really helped bring the meditation to life. Afterwards I did spinal breathing followed by a deep I’AM meditation.

After visiting our local town we had a small fish and chips in our local fish shop. In the evening I ended up having another Indian meal and a couple of drinks to spend time with Laura my wife. It was a welcome down time to a very busy working week at home against the backdrop of half term where juggling work and having the family around can be a real challenge, especially when one of the web servers I manage, decided to play up and cause me to work very late.

Surprisingly, against that backdrop, I just wanted to relax and Let Go on Saturday night.
I went to bed around 11pm. I had four OBE books by the side of my bed that I had found earlier that day in a cupboard I had cleared out earlier. I used to run a spiritual book library at a local spiritualist church many years ago and wondered if I had any OBE books archived up there. To my delight I had four books I could read at some point. They were now stacked on my bedside table.

Throughout the night I had many decent dreams. I set my intention on awakening to remember them for my journal. In one dream I was talking to one of my friends about OBEs when I suddenly said, “Am I dreaming!” This suddenly catapulted me straight out of the dreamscape into a tunnel. My subtle astral body was now in full motion flying through a void. I was now moving very fast, however, I couldn’t see very much. I said “Clarity Now!” I still couldn’t see much apart from vague shapes and colours. Due to my initial surprise of finding myself in the OBE state, I wasn’t prepared on a goal. I was worried that if I didn’t think of anything soon I would exit the experience and just wake up.

The only thing that popped into my mind was my last trip-out to Hadleigh castle. Without hesitation I said “Take me to Hadleigh Castle in 1360!” With that I was instantly transported to the castle in its full glory as it may have looked in 1360. Personally, I feel I hadn’t really maintained this experience properly. Although I had projected my consciousness out to view the castle as it was in 1360, I do feel what I saw was more a personally constructed projection of the castle with many overlays from my own thoughts. I had great fun flying around the castle taking in its magnificent size and it’s imposing presence high up on the hill.

Today the castle only has one main tower standing and two other corners that have lost much of what they resembled. Now I was seeing how these remaining structures fitted into the overall design as it may have looked. I really got the impression how popular this piece of heritage would be today if it were still intact.

After a while the experience started to become more a lucid dream. I was now inside a virtual reality CAD piece of software. I was controlling the scene very much like a computer model. I was changing the colours and textures of the castle to see what was most likely. I pixelated the textures, made them smooth, zoomed right out and back in again. I even changed the sky and surrounding scenery all with my mind. Looking across the Thames estuary you can normally see Kent. I had now unconsciously overlaid the modern city of London with its many tall buildings as a background against a red sky as the sun was setting.


I feel this experience started out as an OBE from a dream but after projecting to the castle the experience was more likely a Lucid Dreaming experience. It was very thought responsive, perhaps initially created by the great unconscious that already has a blue print of the castle etched into its memory. With the power of our minds we can construct anything we want with just thought alone. This is the complete opposite from a consensus reality experience where the structures are firmly stable and fixed by a collective of minds that inhabit these realms.

I was very appreciative if this experience as it confirmed to me that Letting Go, can be all that’s needed to succeed.