Astral projection to the house with the green door

Astral projection to the house with the green door

Location: Astral World (Desire/Emotional Plane)
Body:: Astral Body
Date/Time:: 31-Jan-2017 – 4:47am

I was having a fairly lucid dream. I had about 99% of my full conscious awareness but not quite fully.

In the lucid dream, I found myself walking up to a house located on the corner of a street. The house looked very similar to a house I had jogged past earlier in the day, located in Thundersley.  The house looked like a normal two-up-two-down Victorian house, slightly modernized. I walked up to a house with a solid green door. I noticed there was no letterbox, door handle or door bell. I wondered how I would get in.

On further inspection I discovered there was a lock, so I inserted my now materialized dream key into the lock. Before I could even touch the lock the door swung open.   I walked in and got the impression it was a normal family home; it had a homely vibe and very welcoming. I walked via the hallway to the main living room on the left. For some reason I was drawn to the carpet. I examined the beige carpet in detail, taking in the texture and colour. I noticed as I often do, that we have the exact same carpet upstairs in our house. This instantly catapulted me out of the dream type state and into full waking consciousness and fully conscious into an Astral version of reality.   It became hyper real and solid, not at all dream like and very stable.

I then decided to go from room to room. I first went into the kitchen where I found a middle age couple in there fifties. Surprisingly they were not shocked to see me. They didn’t say anything but just smiled. For some reason I felt compelled to affectionately pat them on their heads.   As these experiences don’t tend to last very long I didn’t want to waste anytime and wanted to explore the house further. I then walked up the first flight of stairs. I didn’t float or materialize upstairs; I walked up as I would in the physical world. In the first bedroom there was two sisters sitting together on the bed. As I walked in they just smiled and didn’t say anything. I found myself patting them on the head as well. I then left the bedroom and walked into the bathroom where a teenage lad was finishing up washing. I quickly left and made my way back downstairs.

I then started to feel an urgency that the experience would end soon.

Back downstairs I said my goodbyes to the parents in the kitchen and walked towards the end of the hallway and out into the garden.   The garden had a wooden open-air roof type structure across the patio to keep the rain off. At this point I just wanted to experiment with the Astral Reality, so I proceeded to jump like superman onto the wooden roof, which was about eight feet above the ground. I ran along until I got the far end of the garden and leaped out of the garden into a completely different scene. I was now in some kind of old people home in the garden area. I was leaping high across lots of different tables doing somersaults and swinging off trees. I heard one old lady shout, “ Be careful you will hurt yourself!” I replied back, “I can’t, I’m in my Astral Body!” And with no further purpose the experience faded back to full waking consciousness with no break in thought. It was as if the scene just simply faded. I was now sitting up fully awake and alert.

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