Astral Projection, OBE

False Awakening and Kundalini OBEs

7th July 2016

Since my last report, I have continued to meditate daily in the afternoon. I start with a five minute spinal breathing exercise and then move onto deep mediation for a further 30-40 minutes. Recently I may have sensed the stirring or start of the Kundalini rising up the chakras. I have been having black outs during the meditation process and realizing once fully conscious that I had been dreaming or seeing a vision of a snake within the scene. Some people suggest this could be the start of the Kundalini awakening.

That night I woke at 2am in the morning. I couldn’t get back to sleep as I started going over concerns in my head. I decided to retreat to the spare room in order to meditate and clear my mind.

I got myself comfortable into a sitting position on the bed with two big pillows behind my back and head for comfort. I then proceeded to spinal breath again for 5 minutes and then move onto deep meditation with the “I AM” mantra. After an hour I relaxed and lay down but kept my upper back and head elevated at a 45-degree angle on the pillows; similar to how people lay down on hospital beds, to keep their heads raised up. I continued the meditation from this position.

Then something strange happened. I must have blanked out and completely forgot I was meditating. From my perspective I was now fully awake, or at least I thought I was. I had the thought to get up and go back to my normal bed where my wife was sleeping. I remember getting up physically, walking to the door, down the hallway and back to my normal bedroom where I got back into bed with my wife next to me and fell asleep.

I little time later I felt really strong pulsing vibrations start to shoot up from my base chakra to my solar plexus. The vibrations were building stronger and stronger. I wondered if this was connected to the Kundalini rising experience I considered earlier.

After about a minute, the vibrations were enveloping my whole body. I then shot out at great speed upwards. I felt like I had a powerful Jet Pack connected to my body. I could feel the power thrust as I moved through a void. I could also still feel the overwhelming powerful vibrations still shooting up through my lower chakras. It was a thrilling experience, very powerful.

Eventually I started to float back down as my vision became clearer. I could now see my main bedroom, bed and bedside table as I floated down towards the floor. It was quite dark as you would expect being nighttime. I then came face-to-face with the carpet and simply moved through it. I then went through the inner part of the floor; I could see the wood and gaps between the beams, and dust that had collected there. I went through several of these layers before reaching a room below. In reality there wouldn’t be several layers but due to the subjective nature of these environments I wasn’t that surprised.

After going through several layers, I then floated down into an older version of the room directly below that was completely empty of furniture and carpet. The big bay window was the same. However, the view was a busy city scape with tall brick style high-rise buildings. Similar to New York City. I marveled at the view for a while. I tried to go through the glass but it wouldn’t let me.

When I turned around the room was no longer empty, it was now very bright and filled with floating objects and pictures. I was now floating and spinning quite fast in the middle of a much larger version of the room trying to take a note of all the objects. Due to the spinning movement I found it hard to try and focus and remember what I was seeing. I decided to look at my hands to maintain the experience. Initially I was wearing black woolly gloves. I started to rub my hands together; I could feel the friction as the fabric rub past each other. This helped to keep the scene in sharp contrast. I then put my hands at my sides and quickly looked at them again. This time they were my normal hands, very clear and in high definition without gloves. I inspected the amazing detail these experiences allow for.

However, I then started to feel the scene fade. I then woke up. Or I thought I did.

I closed my eyes again and very quickly felt the vibrations building again, exactly like they did earlier via the lower chakras.

This time I was transported into a space or void like environment with powerful vivid coloured patterns floating around. I was a central point at center. The patterns were orbiting around me. I couldn’t discern what the patterns were, only that they were vivid in colour. I felt extremely free. The vibrations moving through me were euphoric, in a spiritual way. I had a feeling of warmth, love and wonder as the environment rotated around me.

After a while I felt the usual return pangs and suddenly work up.

However, to my surprise when I opened my eyes I was still sitting in the meditation position from the spare room. I hadn’t moved to my normal bedroom after all. This really threw me off balance. I hadn’t experienced anything like this until now. It seemed so real, the walking to my normal bedroom after my meditation seemed as real as waking reality.

So there you have it.

Thanks for reading this, I will report back soon when any other experiences popup. The key here is meditation.