Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Two OBEs – 3D Maze with Emotionless People and a Slave Colony

Saturday 23rd April 2016 – 2 x OBEs

I got up at 2am and went to the spare room. I first relaxed all my physical muscles by tensing and releasing each separate muscle from my feet all the way up to my head. I then did the same thing mentally until I felt totally relaxed, with the feeling of almost floating in space with waves of relaxation flowing through my body. I then started to repeat the affirmation, “The next time I wake up, I will enter the phase!”

Whilst doing the affirmation I held a desire or visualisation of me waking up and being in that perfect in-between state of wakefulness and sleep; also known as the Phase. I then meditated for about 45 minutes. I then returned back to my bed and continued the previous affirmation until I felt too tired to continue. The hypnogogic state then set in with the odd floating images. I rolled over onto my side and simply LET GO and surrendered to sleep.

OBE 1 – 3D Industrial Maze – Emotionless People

I awoke to find I was in the OBE phase state, I could feel the vibrations rolling through my body. I went with the experience and found myself floating above my body. I couldn’t see very well at first as it was mostly black. I could just make out an industrial setting as if I was inside a huge metal tank or container. I then saw a doorway appear with a scene beyond it. I set the intention that when I jumped through it, I would see my late Dad. However, on jumping through the doorway I then appeared in some kind of Clay processing plant with connecting tubes/pipes leading through a maze of tunnels.

There were tunnels going off in all four directions, up, down, left and right. It reminded me of a 3D version of computer game, Mario Brothers. I was now in this 3D maze.

I followed the tube along the tunnel until I entered into one of the small hubs connecting each section. I then followed the tube as it then went down through the hole beneath me. I jumped through the gap in the floor and floated down to a similar room below. The place was very well lit. I found myself climbing over the tubes to get through to another section. I could feel the metal pushing against my body as I tried to squeeze through to another section. The further I moved through the tunnels and climbing over more metal tubes, the harder and tighter the space was becoming. I was worried that if I kept going I would end up getting stuck.

I looked up to study one of the small hub type rooms where the tubes converge and was surprised to see a collection of children’s water paints on a shelf. I also got the impression this was some kind of clay processing plant. For what, I had no idea. I then noticed a doorway just behind me. This led me straight outside where it was pouring with rain. The sky was overcast and grey.

I could now see I was on a high-up walkway connecting different parts of this very industrial looking building. The outside section I was located was only about 6 metres long and led into another processing maze of tubes on the other side. Above me I could see another much higher ledge about 8 meters up with people walking around. What struck me was how completely emotionless they were. It wasn’t a very happy place for sure. I had been looking for my Dad but instead I ended up in a rather depressing environment. The experience was as real as waking reality, the environment felt very solid and arduous to navigate. Was this some kind of test or a symbolic construction of my subconscious? After a while I felt the pull and faded back to my body with no break in consciousness and full memories intact.

OBE 2 – Jump through mirror into a Slave Colony

The next OBE happened an hour later after setting the same affirmation, “The next time I wake up, I will enter the phase!”

At some point I did wake up or at least I thought I had. I opened my eyes and could clearly see my bedroom. However, as the vibrations started to kick in, I started to sink deeper into the mattress. Surprisingly, my bed had turned into a deep pool of water. The substance was a dark like fluid. I didn’t feel any fear and simply used my astral arms to swim towards the headboard and pull myself out. I then floated just above my bed. I couldn’t see my physical body which confirmed I was in an alternate copy of reality, very close to the construction of the physical world. I could now see my wife on her side of the bed, which is odd as she had moved to the spare room. More proof this wasn’t the physical world but a clever reconstruction.

I then floated off the bed and made my way to the hallway. I like to use the hallway mirror as a kind of portal into other realms. I was conscious that I needed to formulate a plan of action quickly or the experience could end. With no time to waste I jumped into the mirror.

As I passed through the mirror I could clearly feel and see the internal structure of the walls. I was half expecting to pass straight through and land in my garden as I have done previously. However, this time I found myself on the outside of an unknown wooden building. I was in the process of trying to climb down.

As I surveyed the scene I quickly realised just how disturbing it was. I could see groups of African looking people being held as slaves. They were tied together in groups. It reminded of the African slave colonies from the Atlantic slave trade. One poor man was tied up in chains and had clearly been mistreated.

They all looked up in my direction. I was extremely shocked to be witnessing such a scene. As I jumped down I had the thought to look at my own arms. I then discovered I also had the same skin as the people around me. As I quickly looked around, I could see their white masters off in the distance. Unfortunately for me, they had just seen me climb down.

I started to run as fast as I could in the opposite direction, but they were now coming at me from all sides. One of them had a weapon who suddenly took aim. I saw a very sharp projectile coming straight at me which instantly hit me in the side. I felt a very quick burst of pain before shooting straight back to my body with no ill effects, other than feeling quite disturbed by the experience. Could this have been a past life or something else?  As I get better at navigating these experiences, I would like to get clarification on what this actually meant.