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Two OBEs – 3D Maze with Emotionless People and a Slave Colony

Saturday 23rd April 2016 – 2 x OBEs

I got up at 2am and went to the spare room. I first relaxed all my physical muscles by tensing and releasing each separate muscle from my feet all the way up to my head. I then did the same thing mentally until I felt totally relaxed, with the feeling of almost floating in space with waves of relaxation flowing through my body. I then started to repeat the affirmation, “The next time I wake up, I will enter the phase!”

Whilst doing the affirmation I held a desire or visualisation of me waking up and being in that perfect in-between state of wakefulness and sleep; also known as the Phase. I then meditated for about 45 minutes. I then returned back to my bed and continued the previous affirmation until I felt too tired to continue. The hypnogogic state then set in with the odd floating images. I rolled over onto my side and simply LET GO and surrendered to sleep.

OBE 1 – 3D Industrial Maze – Emotionless People

I awoke to find I was in the OBE phase state, I could feel the vibrations rolling through my body. I went with the experience and found myself floating above my body. I couldn’t see very well at first as it was mostly black. I could just make out an industrial setting as if I was inside a huge metal tank or container. I then saw a doorway appear with a scene beyond it. I set the intention that when I jumped through it, I would see my late Dad. However, on jumping through the doorway I then appeared in some kind of Clay processing plant with connecting tubes/pipes leading through a maze of tunnels.

There were tunnels going off in all four directions, up, down, left and right. It reminded me of a 3D version of computer game, Mario Brothers. I was now in this 3D maze.

I followed the tube along the tunnel until I entered into one of the small hubs connecting each section. I then followed the tube as it then went down through the hole beneath me. I jumped through the gap in the floor and floated down to a similar room below. The place was very well lit. I found myself climbing over the tubes to get through to another section. I could feel the metal pushing against my body as I tried to squeeze through to another section. The further I moved through the tunnels and climbing over more metal tubes, the harder and tighter the space was becoming. I was worried that if I kept going I would end up getting stuck.

I looked up to study one of the small hub type rooms where the tubes converge and was surprised to see a collection of children’s water paints on a shelf. I also got the impression this was some kind of clay processing plant. For what, I had no idea. I then noticed a doorway just behind me. This led me straight outside where it was pouring with rain. The sky was overcast and grey.

I could now see I was on a high-up walkway connecting different parts of this very industrial looking building. The outside section I was located was only about 6 metres long and led into another processing maze of tubes on the other side. Above me I could see another much higher ledge about 8 meters up with people walking around. What struck me was how completely emotionless they were. It wasn’t a very happy place for sure. I had been looking for my Dad but instead I ended up in a rather depressing environment. The experience was as real as waking reality, the environment felt very solid and arduous to navigate. Was this some kind of test or a symbolic construction of my subconscious? After a while I felt the pull and faded back to my body with no break in consciousness and full memories intact.

OBE 2 – Jump through mirror into a Slave Colony

The next OBE happened an hour later after setting the same affirmation, “The next time I wake up, I will enter the phase!”

At some point I did wake up or at least I thought I had. I opened my eyes and could clearly see my bedroom. However, as the vibrations started to kick in, I started to sink deeper into the mattress. Surprisingly, my bed had turned into a deep pool of water. The substance was a dark like fluid. I didn’t feel any fear and simply used my astral arms to swim towards the headboard and pull myself out. I then floated just above my bed. I couldn’t see my physical body which confirmed I was in an alternate copy of reality, very close to the construction of the physical world. I could now see my wife on her side of the bed, which is odd as she had moved to the spare room. More proof this wasn’t the physical world but a clever reconstruction.

I then floated off the bed and made my way to the hallway. I like to use the hallway mirror as a kind of portal into other realms. I was conscious that I needed to formulate a plan of action quickly or the experience could end. With no time to waste I jumped into the mirror.

As I passed through the mirror I could clearly feel and see the internal structure of the walls. I was half expecting to pass straight through and land in my garden as I have done previously. However, this time I found myself on the outside of an unknown wooden building. I was in the process of trying to climb down.

As I surveyed the scene I quickly realised just how disturbing it was. I could see groups of African looking people being held as slaves. They were tied together in groups. It reminded of the African slave colonies from the Atlantic slave trade. One poor man was tied up in chains and had clearly been mistreated.

They all looked up in my direction. I was extremely shocked to be witnessing such a scene. As I jumped down I had the thought to look at my own arms. I then discovered I also had the same skin as the people around me. As I quickly looked around, I could see their white masters off in the distance. Unfortunately for me, they had just seen me climb down.

I started to run as fast as I could in the opposite direction, but they were now coming at me from all sides. One of them had a weapon who suddenly took aim. I saw a very sharp projectile coming straight at me which instantly hit me in the side. I felt a very quick burst of pain before shooting straight back to my body with no ill effects, other than feeling quite disturbed by the experience. Could this have been a past life or something else?  As I get better at navigating these experiences, I would like to get clarification on what this actually meant.

Dream, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Astral Spiritualist Church / Workshop – The beautiful Congregation

I spent the night in the spare bedroom. I had a rotten cold and didn’t want to disturb my wife who has had trouble sleeping of late. Before going to sleep I used a repeated affirmation, “I, out-of-body Now!” I used this each time I woke during the night to get back to sleep.

Dream – > Lucid Dream – > OBE

I had a dream where I had visited my friend Duncan. We hadn’t seen each other for ages. I visited his flat (In physical reality, it was my old flat). Whilst there I was showing him something on my laptop computer, when I noticed it had become hacked. Somebody was now controlling the screen. They were opening the web browser and moving things around. This really worried me; I went into the security settings in an attempt to block them. After a while their activity stopped. Duncan’s wife was in their living room (My old living room). The layout of their flat mirrored a flat I had lived in with my brother when we were in our twenties.

Duncan suggested we go into another room to relax away from the computer and catch up on old times. As we entered this other room (In reality this would have been my old bedroom), I noticed he had converted it into a huge space. The room looked ten times bigger than it would normally. The furniture was positioned as if it was a spiritualist church. All down the middle of the room/hall was seating for people. At the front of the room was a raised stage and rostrum/table. The room now resembled a hall. The transformation was stunning.

People now started to fill the hall. Everybody was extremely attractive and in their prime. I looked around at some of the lady’s; they were in beautiful smart dresses. They appeared to be in their twenties. They all looked very familiar, I couldn’t quite place them but assumed they must have been T.V stars. The feeling you get when you know people’s faces but you can’t place them.

I decided to sit on a bench far at the back. I felt a little bit out of place due to my sleeping attire. The room was now filled with these young beautiful people. A pretty blond lady took to the stage and sat behind the rostrum in preparation. I had the impression she was going to give clairvoyance. I then got the impression that all the other people in the room also had this gift.

My friend had now disappeared. I was now sitting by myself. Suddenly, I started to feel intense vibrations rocking through my body as I sat on the wooden bench. I felt myself bouncing up and down very fast on the bench. It was uncontrollable. I felt really embarrassed. I just couldn’t control it, I’m sure the bench must have been making an awful noise and I was disturbing the tranquility of the room. Then a lady who was sitting behind me put her hand on my back. This had a calming influence on me. I then wondered if it was perhaps my astral body doing the vibrating and not the physical one. Bang! Suddenly, I was now airborne. I was now floating effortlessly just above where I had been sitting. I started to float gently down to the front of the hall. The people in the congregation could see me. They looked very pleased. I then floated to the very front of the hall where the clairvoyant lady was sitting on the stage. I reached out my hand to greet her. She reciprocated and reached up and shook my hand ever so elegantly. She was glowing, very beautiful with delicate perfect features. I then floated to a group of people just in front of the stage and reached out to touch their hands too. They could also see me and also reached up to shake my hand. Again, what struck me was how perfect and beautiful these people were.

I then floated near to the inner wall that adjoins with the living room within my old flat. I then easily passed through the wall as if it wasn’t there. The walls were very thin as they were made of plasterboard, I could see both rooms in detail. I then exited the church room and floated into my old living room. I noticed the T.V was still on. I saw a toy monkey on a small black chair. I noted these items so I could prove it once I was back (I crazy idea now as the scene was far from reality and I have no access to that flat anymore). I then floated through the walls into what used to be my brothers old bedroom and mentally noted down objects, so I could prove to current inhabitants when firmly back in my physical body (Again, it wouldn’t be possible). After a while I floated back to my sleeping body that I had left on the bench within the church room. It was hunched over to one side, almost about to fall on the floor. Once back in my body I ran to my old toilet to lock myself inside in order to get my bearings and try and make sense of this strange lucid dream/OBE experience. I then woke up for real with my daughter asking me to buy some life style points for her iPAD Sims computer game. I consciously downloaded the experience to my mind and quickly wrote this up.


This was a unique experience for me. Rather than the usual experience of being spring boarded into an OBE from this reality, I was leaving another dream/astral body and entering into another subtler body from another state completely. The people were so friendly and beautiful in every way that I got the impression this may have been a much higher state of consciousness/reality. Perhaps my dream character Duncan was used to chaperone me there, to an astral workshop, initiation process or something else.



Astral Projection, OBE

Astral Visits to my Childhood Home

Journey to my old childhood home – 23rd Feb 2016

Sea of daffodils

The following OBE was triggered from a dream in which I was an observer. I found myself watching some people in an apartment block in a war torn country in the Middle East. They were tired of an ongoing 43 year war and wanted to leave. In the dream I started to notice patterns in the bed covers. As I concentrated on the intricate patterns, I wondered for a minute if I had actually woken up for real in my physical bed.

Feeling inquisitive and fairly lucid, I then floated down to the carpet to study that as well. This instantly threw me into full waking consciousness. I was now fully lucid. At that moment I felt myself leave my body and shift away from the dream location.

In an instant I found myself in the old courtyard of my childhood home, which is 15 miles away from my current home. I haven’t been back since leaving home 20 years ago as my parents also moved away.

I was now floating above roof top level where I was drawn to a gap in the gutter of one of the neighbouring houses. Everything looked exactly as I remember, the detail was stunning. In the gap I was surprised to find two of my Dog’s favourite toys wedged in the gap. One was her bunny. I half expected my Dog to appear but she didn’t.

I then floated down to the ground. I was conscious that I needed to maintain the experience or the scene would lose clarity. The scene was already quite dull and foggy. I commanded, “Clarity Now!” This had an immediate affect on making everything very bright and vivid.

Looking around I noticed that the sky was a deep blue, however, there were some darker looking clouds scattered about. I then decided to move through one of the archways between the houses, this normally leads you down to the garages and a kids park.

Once I reached what should have been the garages, I found a high wooden fence in my way. It boxed me in from all around. I decided to use my astral skills and leap high over the fence, however, my leap didn’t catapult me as high as I would have liked. I just about made it over the fence, almost touching the top as I went. This environment wasn’t very thought responsive or easy to manipulate.

Once safely over the other side, I could see a beautiful and expansive field of daffodils stretching off far into the distance, they were coming into full bloom. Lots of yellows but I noticed other unusual colours too.

I was now conscious that my experience would be ending soon. I started to focus on one particular flower, it shifted and swayed as I put my attention on it, as if alive and responding to my thoughts. Unfortunately, it didn’t last as I could hear my family getting ready for work and school, with that I was catapulted back to my body where I swiftly wrote this down.

Astral visit to a Dead D.J?  – 7th March 2016-05-04

The sea that’s doesn’t belong

I awoke at 2am in the morning via my alarm. I went to my spare room so not to disturb anybody. I practiced a 5 minute spinal breathing exercise and then read about OBEs for about 15 minutes. I then went back to bed repeating the mantra, “I, out of my body!” At 3am I did exactly that.

As I lifted out and started to shift location, I noticed the clarity wasn’t particularly great. This didn’t bother me as I knew I could improve it once I arrived at my destination. After a moment I was again back at my old childhood house in Somercotes. I was now standing in my old dining room. Amazingly, everything looked exactly the same, accept the furniture had changed. The layout was incredibly detailed and accurate. There was now a very long but low dining room table in the middle of the room. I then looked out into the garden where I could see my current garden outbuilding positioned there. The scene was somehow overlaying something from my current home into my old garden. The door to the outbuilding was slightly open. For some reason I wasn’t compelled to investigate.

I decided I wanted to go outside into the main courtyard. I thought I would cheat and simply fly through the downstairs kitchen window. To my surprise everything was as solid as waking reality. In order to go outside I had to fallback to opening the front door and leave the house in the normal way. As I went outside I purposely left the front door unlocked and slightly open. Perhaps in case I wanted to retrace my steps.

As I entered the courtyard I noticed my vision was a little bit vague. The environment was dark as it was still night-time, fog hung in the air all around me. I said, “Clarity Now!” This helped a little bit but it was still a rather depressing scene. I wanted to visit somewhere different as I had been here recently. With that I commanded, “Eiffel Tower, Now!” But it didn’t work. It appeared something wanted me here. I then tried to raise my vibration to see if I could move to a much more pleasant version of my surroundings but that didn’t work either. In the distance I noticed a person scurrying off towards the far end of the courtyard through a large archway. As I floated closer, I saw it was a lady. I had the impression that she was scared; perhaps I had spooked her with my sudden arrival. She carried on moving further away from me. As we got to the end of the 2nd courtyard she ran through the archway and turned a sharp left and disappeared into the fog. I decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to pursue her.

I then stopped for a moment to take in the environment. Oddly, the scene through the 2nd archway should have left to a bleak brick wall to another house just beyond the archway, however, in this version of reality the archway left to the sea. It reminded me of the coastal road and beach at Westcliff-on-Sea.

Just then another lady appeared from behind me via the courtyard. As she approached me I could sense that she was willing to talk. I asked her name. She said it was Karen. She then started to walk back through the archway, where she then turned left towards a small house in the corner. Her house was next door to one of my old childhood friends. I said, “Do you know if you’re alive or dead?”   I got the impression she didn’t quite know how to answer that. She then turned and quietly stepped into her house. I followed her inside. I noticed that she had a Technics D.J turntable placed on a table in kitchen and two little dogs running around her feet. One was a little brown toy poodle. The lady now appeared very sad, I sensed that she had lost her life from taking drugs. I could feel her despair. Suddenly, she reached forward and threw her arms around me for help. I reciprocated and gave her a much needed hug. I was then catapulted back to my body with a jolt. I hoped in some small way that my visit had helped her.

Manipulating Astral Matter 11th March 2016

The vanishing sea

I woke up around 2am to go to the bathroom. I had a drink of water and went off to the spare room to attempt an OBE. To help induce one I read about OBEs for about twenty minutes. As I drifted off the sleep I repeated the mantra, “Now, I’m out-of-body!”

Sometime later I felt the pull as I floated out of my body. Everything was still quite dark and vague. I kept my physical eyes closed until the visions came into view. In one of my earlier attempts I opened them and instantly woke up.

I could feel the sensation of movement. I then arrived back into the courtyard of my old childhood home for the 3rd time. I was disappointed to be there again, it wasn’t the most spiritual angelic place. I checked my surroundings. Again, it was dark and foggy just as it had been previously. I attempted to chant, “Clarity Now!” to help improve things but rather worryingly I felt paralyzed and nothing would come out.

I carried on to the other end of the courtyard where I had chatted to Karen, the dead D.J from the previous journey out. This time the she was no longer there. I sensed the house was no longer occupied in this version of reality. Also, where there had been the coastal scene through the archway with the beach leading the sea. This time, the scene was back to how it should have been in physical reality. I could now see the large brick wall of the house that leads on from the 2nd archway.

I decided that I needed to help maintain the experience in order to keep the visual clarity. With that I walked up to the house with the large brick wall. I studied the brickwork in absolutely vivid detail with HD sharpness you can’t imagine. I then placed my hand out in front of me and studied that as well, again very vivid. At that moment I thought it would be a good idea to perform a reality check and see if I could put my right hand through the palm of my left hand, which it did. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and feeling. It felt like my hand was made of plasticine. It went through with no effort at all; I could still feel it as very subtle resistance. I then decided to put my whole fist softly into the large brick wall. Again, it went in with so much ease, like putting your hand into water or jelly. As I pulled my hand out I could see lots of tiny red brick dust particles all over my hand. Perhaps I was expecting to see that, so reality provided it for me.

After getting bored with that and losing any focus to do anything worthwhile, I started to zip around doing somersaults in the air, just because I could. After a while, I noticed a huge bright street light, high up on the wall above me. I could see a perfect dark starry sky beyond the rooftops. For some reason the light caught my attention as it was so detailed, I wondered if the street light really existed in reality or my mind had painted it in. I made the mental note to check for any recent photos to see if these large wall lights actually exist in the physical version of the place today.

My focus was then drawn to the thousands of stars in the night sky. It was amazing to think an entire copy of our waking universe was being painted especially for me in my astral awareness state. Mind-blowing. Anyhow, I did have one further quick thought to try and move my awareness to one of the many stars above. I quickly decided against this for an irrational fear that I might not know how to get back. That thought then quickly zipped me back to my waking body.

On further research I did find very recent photos with the exact same wall lighting on these houses. This is truly fascinating. Either way, reality can replicate whole universes for us to explore or our minds can remember long forgotten details and render them for us. Something to think about.