Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE

Purple Realm – Did I reach an Astral Heaven?

At around 4am I awoke from a vivid dream where a major London newspaper decided to run a free advert promoting an app I had created a few years before. I was just running through that dream in my mind in order to remember it. Once I had captured the main details, I decided to attempt an out-of-body separation by wiggling my astral limbs. After a few minutes I stopped as it was clear it wasn’t going to work. However, rather than feeling defeated I had this odd feeling that I could just separate by pure free will. This isn’t something I can normally do, but in that moment I was oddly confident that I could just separate on queue. I simply imagined I could separate as I had already known how but just needed to remember.

Instantly I was catapulted out. I was now floating in the blackness again. I tried to use the affirmation of “Clarity Now!” “Take me to the Moon, NOW!” to improve the situation and get me out of the dark place, but nothing would work.

After a while I started to fall ever so gracefully. I could now see large cubed blocks that were forming three-dimensional steps going down into the darkness. Each cubed step was made up of equal amounts of much smaller cubes.

On one of the steps I now became aware of a large box. It was the type of box you would store multiple reams of paper in. I floated closer to the box to take a good look. Within the darkness the paper box became extremely vivid and detailed. I zoomed in really close and took in the breath taking detail of this new inner reality. As an observation, in real life you wouldn’t be able to inspect an object with such clarity and at such a close distance with the naked eye, it would become quite blurred and strain your eyes.

The box had the words “Paper Solutions” as the main company logo. The company branding was designed in blue, white and green colours. It was a nice clean design that also used 3D embossing techniques to bring the design out slightly.

After inspecting the box I became frustrated that I was imprisoned in the dark place. I really wanted to get out into the Astral and start exploring more beautiful places.

I then started to float much higher. I then became aware of a vivid blue square window breaking the darkness. The window showed a beautiful blue summer sky beyond the glass. For some reason I just bounced off the glass. It wouldn’t allow me to pass. I tried really hard to get through but it was as physical as a brick.

As I moved towards the glass, I could make out wooden beams outside, which gave me the impression I was looking at the structure of a roof. After quite a few attempts, something happened and I was suddenly catapulted through the window and straight out into a breathtaking scene.

I was now floating above a wooden building situated in the middle of a country park. Words really can’t justify how beautiful a scene it was. The structure was quite low; it had black wooden slats going down one side of the building. It reminded me of a clubhouse you might see at a quaint cricket ground. This place felt very familiar. I couldn’t place it in physical reality. For reasons unknown I felt I had been here before.

Directly in front of the clubhouse was a field of vivid green grass that rolled off into the distance. To my right, the grass rolled on for about 100 meters. Just beyond that was stunning trees and flowers all glowing in vivid purples, pinks and reds.

I didn’t have great flying control. I was forced ever so gently down nearer to the ground. I then studied my hands to help maintain the experience and keep the experience vivid. I also affirmed “Clarity Now!”

I then decided I wanted to move towards the trees to get a better look.

I gently hovered along about a meter above the ground. I was now floating beyond the grass and through the trees with no ill affects. I then quickly turned around to review the scene. I could now see the wooden building in the background. It was then that I noticed it also had the beautiful vivid purple/pink trees behind it as well.

As I was taking in the view, I then spotted a group of joggers running across my field of vision in the distance. The atmosphere resembled a hot summers late afternoon. The sun wasn’t too high and it wasn’t too hot, it was perfect.

I also became aware of the sound of horses. I couldn’t quite locate where they were. As the experience progressed more elements were coming into focus, initially joggers and now the horses.

I then started to become aware of my physical body. My belly was rumbling. I was now in some kind of dual awareness as I started to feel all the sensations of my sleeping body. I was now worried the experience would draw to a close. I started to look at my hands again to help maintain the vividness. This time, however, my hands were wearing gloves. I tried to pop the fingers of my right hand, through my left palm but it wouldn’t go through. The scene was now starting the fade; it was as if the sun was now setting very fast into darkness. I could feel tiredness wash over me. After a few seconds I was sitting up wide a wake in bed with a smile on my face.

I grabbed my iPhone and went down stairs to note down as much as possible whilst it was fresh in my mind. Even after typing this up many hours later, the experience has stayed with me all day. I feel I have perhaps touched a little piece of heaven.