Astral Projection, OBE

Final OBE on the 7th Jan 16 – OM Mantra Manifests a Rising Sphere

This is continued from my 4th experience from the 7th of January 16.
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After returning to my body for the 5th time on the morning of the 7th of January 2016, I managed to roll-out for the last time that morning. I just imagined myself falling out of bed to my right by pretending to roll-out for real. Instantly the vibrations returned, I was then transported yet again into another reality.

I was now in a setting with a large panoramic view of sky around me. There were people below me getting on with their lives. For some reason I wasn’t interested them. I decided against doing anything trivial. I wanted to experience something much more spiritual. I started to voice the OM meditation where you hum the beautiful OM tone. My intention was to hopefully rise much higher into a more subtler spiritual dimension. I had to voice the “Clarity Now!” affirmation a few times as suggested by William Buhlman to help keep my awareness from slipping back into a dream or back to my body. The affirmation is used to keep everything vivid and your awareness extremely sharp. It’s amazing how powerful the subconscious is to suggestions at this state of awareness.

Voicing the OM mantra instantly materialize a large sphere. I had a strange split awareness.  I was both the sphere itself and an observer watching the sphere from the outside. Essentially, I was in two places at once. On each OM in-breath the sphere floated higher and higher. Once my in-breath had run out and I needed to breath in again, the sphere would fall way back down again. I quickly voiced the OM mantra again, to my delight  the sphere would quickly bounce back up again and returned to its previous position and then continue to rise much higher. I repeated the process over and over. The sphere was literally bouncing up higher and higher.

Eventually we came to a plateau, I sensed this was some sort of dimensional ceiling. It wouldn’t allow me to go any higher. As I was contemplating the end of this experience, the scene then changed. I was now transported into a new scene via an open-bed goods lift. The lift conveniently took me through the invisible barrier. I then elevated only a few meters or less where I was warmly greeted by two people who helped me off.  The sphere was now gone. I was now back to a single awareness as my normal human self.

I was now walking through an old style office (Not very spiritual). The type of office setting you might find in an older New York style skyscraper.  In the office I became aware of  two older ladies wearing pink coats, I sensed they very much managed this place. As I walked through, I noticed a desk to the side of me with one of the pink coat ladies and a few other people scattered around them. They seemed friendly enough. I felt guided to continue walking straight ahead. I then came to another desk with another older lady wearing a pink coat. She asked me who I was and told me to sign my name on a piece of paper. It looked like a visitors log. After signing my name the scene faded and I found myself back in my body.

On awakening, I decided I didn’t want any more experiences that night and make a conscious effort to remember all five experiences. I then fell asleep. After having these five vivid experiences throughout the night, I still felt refreshed and fine the next day.

What was this experience all about? Was I not yet spiritually evolved yet in my OBE pursuits to enter this next subtle realm? Perhaps I have much more work to do on myself before climbing higher. The journey continues…

OBE Data

To help assist myself and others, I’m keeping a detailed daily database of my experiences along with many personal attributes that may hold the key to triggering them more and more in myself and perhaps others. I will be writing about these further down the line once I have learned to induce them consistently, and able to maintain the experience for much longer periods of time.

To put this into perspective, I started this diary on the 8th of December 2015. Each day I’m writing down every dream I can recall. As a result my dreams have become more vivid with dream characters passing on knowledge or guidance. Anyhow, from starting this journey on the 8th of December 2015 where I first started writing down my dreams, it took another 30 days before having this first five experiences on the 7th of January 2016. During those 30 days I was trying different techniques.  You can read about the technique I used below. After having this first “Carrot and Stick” experience I feel I’m now having to work for it and develop myself spiritually through meditation. The next experience that I will write about didn’t happen for another 33 Days. I feel there is a real Goldilocks zone of having just the right amount of desire/intention and trying too hard which can block the experience. There is a certain amount of letting go involved. Attempting it every night can put too much expectation in the beginning as failure can have a real detrimental impact on the subconscious. I feel it’s better to not put too much pressure on oneself and perhaps try a few times a week to start with. I’m still writing down my dreams every day.

Technique used

Two nights previously I had come across the website from the resources at the back of “Invistas of Infinity”, a fascinating book by Jürgen Ziewe about his vivid lucid dreaming and OBE experiences. I had been attempting them since Novemeber 15 without much success.

My first two attempts on Sunday the 5th and Monday the 6th of January 2016 yielded no results. I kept waking up with the intention to separate but found myself too awake and aware. I quickly fell back to sleep. I also had too many disturbances from my dog, Betsy who kept barking.

Everything changed on the morning of the 7th of January 2016. The previous evening I had read the free ebook from again. The instructions stated that the practitioner should set their alarm for six hours after going to bed. When the alarm sounds, go to the bathroom to drink some water and set the intention to wake up in the next cycle of awakening. Once awakened, one should then attempt to leave their body with aggressive intent. If that doesn’t work, cycle through one of the many separation techniques.

Before going to bed I had in-fact set the intention to wakeup but chose 5 hours, I didn’t use an alarm clock and trusted I would wake up. As you have to have an action plan, I set my action to go straight to the mirror in the hallway and then fly around the Earth. I also set my intention to awake again should I fall asleep or return to my body. That way I could try again.

After waking up five hours later, I did in fact go to the bathroom to drink some water but decided to go the toilet in case a full bladder hindered the experience.

I then set my intention on awakening again to enter the phase and separate from my body.
I then went straight back to bed and swiftly fell back to sleep.