Hadleigh Castle – Small OBE

Hadleigh Castle – Small OBE

I decided to follow the exact same procedure as last night which yielded a small OBE.  I’m trying to find a routine that induces them constantly. Then I can start to work on the quality of the experiences after that.

Around 5pm I retreated to the garden studio where I meditated for approx. 50 minutes.

My Meditation was made up of these steps:

1. I did a visualization exercise, mentally drawing a red London bus with my mind and walking around it.
(As I start this quest I’m literally third-eye blind. Totally blank, with no imagery. I can sense but not see. I’m hoping this technique will help train my brain to relearn this skill.)

2.  I did five minutes Spinal Breathing.
3. I did 40 minutes doing a deep I’AM meditation.

Before bed

IC212/001; Hadleigh Castle; Reconstruction drawing of the castle as it appeared c.1370, after Edward III's rebuilding campaign
IC212/001; Hadleigh Castle; Reconstruction drawing of the castle as it appeared c.1370, after Edward III’s rebuilding campaign

I made a very firm commitment and intention (by being excited and enthusiastic) to wakeup  in 4 hours (I also set my new vibration alarm clock for 3am). I mentally set a goal that when I exit,  to visit Hadleigh Castle back in 1360. I had visited there during the day with my family. The site is mainly a ruin now as the building materials were sold on back in the 1500s. I wanted to see if I could induce an OBE back to its glory days.
The idea was sparked after seeing a picture of the former castle on a tourist board at the Salvation Army site.

My alarm goes off

My alarm went off at 3am. I went to bathroom as duty calls and had a drink of water. I then moved to the spare bedroom and reaffirmed my commitment to wake up after each natural sleep cycle and enter into the OBE phase. I set my goal / intention to visit Hadleigh Castle in 1360. I then did a visualizing exercise to prep my astral body by visualizing my kitchen sink and doing the dishes for a bit to help shift my awareness elsewhere (A tip I acquired at a recent Todd Acamesis workshop)

My steps:

1. I set a strong enthusiastic intention to wake after each natural sleep cycle and not move. I would then cycle through various exercises pretending to be moving my astral limbs with my mind. My movement choices were: rubbing my hands together for 5 seconds in front of my face, swimming my arms and wiggling my arms up and down. I would repeat these steps 4 times.

2. I set the strong intention to go to Hadleigh Castle in 1360.

3. I then moved back to my original bedroom and put my ear plugs in and my eye mask back on.

Small OBE Again

I got back into bed using my previous successful attempts sleeping position. I position myself on my left side looking at the wall in a fetal position. My hands clasped near my face. Why this works, I have no idea but it’s the most successful for me. After falling asleep, a short time later I awoke. I started cycling through the phantom limb movements as I did yesterday by pretending to rub my hands together in front of my face. Pretty much straight away I felt very strong vibrations rolling through my body with the high pitched sound in my ears.

I immediately detached from my physical body and rose up slightly. I then made the strong affirmation “Take me to Hadleigh Castle in 1360, Now!” With that I felt a very strong sense of movement, at this point everything was still very dark and vague. As I shot further up, the only thing I could see within the darkness was the bed and my body parked in the position I had left it with a light blue glow around it.  I then started to move very fast and instantly arrived at Hadleigh Castle.

However, there was a small problem, it wasn’t the solid bricks and mortar Hadleigh castle. I was floating outside the walls of a 3D version of the illustration shown above and pictured on a tourist board at the site. I felt a pang of disappointment that my intention must have somehow been vague. I had to laugh at myself for the joke being played on me by either my subconscious or the universe.

I tried several techniques to stabilize the experience and see the castle in it’s once physical state. My awareness did shift and for a moment I did get a glimpse of the actual structure but before I could maintain the experience I was shot straight back into my body.

Afterwards I tried several techniques to detach again by rubbing my astral hands together but nothing seemed to work. I just remained in the glorious light feeling that cocooned me and eventually feel back to sleep.

I did wake again after having a very vivid dream where I was giving a talk to extended family members about my experiences and how some people can end up experiencing dual conscious awareness. Eddy, a very strong no-nonsense character in real life and extended family member was present, he once spoke to me (In the physical) about his own interest in opening his third eye from an inspirational book he had read.

In the dream state he was showing me Japanese herbs that apparently helped the process. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t read the Japanese symbols. I have completely forgotten them now. Perhaps a confirmation from my unconscious that my journeys are starting to have a much deeper impact on my awareness.



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