Quick OBE to the Void and Back

Quick OBE to the Void and Back

It’s been a while since my last vivid OBE where I  experienced the vivid Italian looking consensus reality.  I’m still very much in the learning stages.  I need to find one technique, ritual or state of mind that constantly works.

My current routine has been disrupted this week with the start of the Easter half term and having my family around. I normally meditate in the early evenings in my garden studio.

I decided to retreat to bed early and meditate for an hour. I stuck in my ear plugs and put on my eye mask to block out any disturbances. The meditation was good. I practiced a technique called Spinal Breathing for 5 minutes which I had read about in Multidimensional Man by Jürgen Ziewe. With this in mind, I downloaded  Spinal Breathing and Deep Meditation by Yogani about a month ago to learn these techniques for myself. The key here is to meditate at least twice a day and don’t get hung up on  experiences as the meditation to quieten the mind is the goal. Yogani explains that experiences spring from this in time.

My Meditation was made up of these steps:

1. I did a visualization exercise, mentally drawing a red London bus with my mind and walking around it.
(As I start this quest I’m literally third-eye blind. Totally blank, with no imagery. I can sense but not see. I’m hoping this technique will help train my brain to relearn this skill.)

2.  I did five minutes Spinal Breathing.
3. I did 40 minutes doing a deep I’AM meditation.

I then got up and made a very firm commitment and intention (by being excited and enthusiastic) to wakeup  in 4 hours (I also set my vibration only alarm clock). I mentally set a goal that when I exit,  to visit my mirror in the hallway.  I would step through it as I have done before and travel to a small island near Australia to visit my friend Dean who was traveling there in the physical.

My alarm goes off

My alarm went off at 3am. I went to bathroom as duty calls and had a drink of water. I then moved to the spare bedroom and re-read the steps outlined at OBE4U.com as they worked wonders when I first started this journey.

My steps:

1. I set a strong enthusiastic intention to wake after each natural sleep cycle and not move. I would then cycle through various exercises pretending to be moving my astral limbs with my mind. My movement choices were: rubbing my hands together for 5 seconds in front of my face, swimming my arms and wiggling my arms up and down. I would repeat these steps 4 times.

2. I set the strong intention to go to the mirror once out-of-body and then find Dean.

3. I then moved back to my original bedroom and put my ear plugs in and my eye mask back on.

Small OBE

From this point on I had lots of intense almost vivid dreams. In one dream I was in a corporate office work environment. I noticed my colleagues were wearing their pajamas. I laughed at them and said “Why are you wearing your pajamas?”. They quipped back that it was a charity wearing pajamas day. I said “It looks like you’re Lucid Dreaming!” Now, with that I should have been catapulted into full waking consciousness but for some reason I didn’t. It was a major dream sign to exit.

Anyhow, all was not lost as a little time later I woke up for real. I was lying on my left side with my hands clasped together, almost as if in prayer under my face. I felt very much awake and felt disappointment that I hadn’t entered the OBE state as I had set my intention to exit straight after awakening. With no time to loose I start cycling through my astral moving of limbs techniques. The first one I tried was the rubbing of hands. Immediately, I started to feel the strong vibrations shooting up and down my body with the high pitched sound in my ears.

Without hesitation I said “Move to Mirror, Now!” I instantly felt my body start rising up and then movement away from my bedroom. At this point I still had my eye closed, I worried if I opened them too soon, I might open my physical eyes as I had done before.

After a good amount of floating movement, I assumed I was now at my hallway mirror. I opened my eyes expecting to see the mirror but instead it was still very dark. I was hovering in some kind of void. I said “Clarity Now!”, “Awareness Now!” but these did nothing to improve the situation. I then started to fall very fast in the darkness. I eventually hit a floor very gracefully. My view changed from darkness to lots of sky-blue shapes drifting past my inner vision. Shapes that didn’t make much sense to me.

Eventually my OBE state started to fade and felt the draw back to my body. I remained as still I could hoping to induce another trip out. I could still feel the subtle vibrations and ringing in my ears. I tried some firm affirmations “Move to the Kitchen Now!” but to no avail. I also tried to visualize my awareness in the kitchen too. After a while I decided to fall back to sleep and try another attempt.

By the morning I only had the one small OBE but I had at least six vivid dreams with high quality interactions with dream figures.  I have recorded these in my personal note book as I want to focus on real OBEs for this blog .



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