Astral Projection, OBE

First Ever OBE – 7th Jan 16

Two nights previously I had come across the website from the resources at the back of “Invistas of Infinity”, a fascinating book by Jürgen Ziewe about his vivid lucid dreaming and OBE experiences.
I had been attempting them since Novemeber 15 without much success.

My first two attempts on Sunday the 5th and Monday the 6th of January 2016 yielded no results. I kept waking up with the intention to separate but found myself too awake and aware. I quickly fell back to sleep. I also had too many disturbances from my dog, Betsy who kept barking.

Everything changed on the morning of the 7th of January 2016. The previous evening I had read the free ebook from again. The instructions stated that the practitioner should set their alarm for six hours after going to bed. When the alarm sounds, go to the bathroom to drink some water and set the intention to wake up in the next cycle of awakening. Once awakened, one should then attempt to leave their body with aggressive intent. If that doesn’t work, cycle through one of the many separation techniques.

Before going to bed I had in-fact set the intention to wakeup but chose 5 hours, I didn’t use an alarm clock and trusted I would wake up. As you have to have an action plan, I set my action to go straight to the mirror in the hallway and then fly around the Earth. I also set my intention to awake again should I fall asleep or return to my body. That way I could try again.

After waking up five hours later, I did in fact go to the bathroom to drink some water but decided to go the toilet in case a full bladder hindered the experience.

I then set my intention on awakening again to enter the phase and separate from my body.
I then went straight back to bed and swiftly fell back to sleep.


I suddenly woke up and felt very relaxed but was conscious that I had physically moved and was now on my side. My first thought was it’s probably not worth trying to separate, as you’re not meant to move a muscle. However, I remembered reading the night before to not miss any opportunity. I decided to try rubbing my astral body hands together; I immediately started to feel the tingling sensation and decided to just will myself to roll out of my body and then levitate. To my surprise, with eyes still closed I started to feel the sensation of floating higher and higher. I then remembered my intent to go straight to the mirror. With that, I pretty much instantly appeared at the mirror; everything was very vague and not very clear at this point.
I then decided without much thought to leap straight into the mirror. I instantly landed in my garden; although it looked similar it was very different too. At this point everything was still very dark and vague. I then remembered to start rubbing my hands together and to stroke the grass to help bring everything into vivid focus.

I could now see long blades of grass everywhere and oddly enough scattered magazines. For some reason I had no interest in looking at them and decided I needed to do something more exciting.
I then willed myself to take off and fly. I arose very quickly. At this point, whilst in the air I started to feel every part of my body to check my form. Everything seemed to be the same, if not more silky and smooth like an infant’s younger skin. Everything faded and I then returned back to my body.

Continued here…

Astral Projection, OBE

Hello Astral!

Welcome to my personal journal of OBE and Lucid dreaming experiences. Although they are different terms, I very much see them as they same thing, simply labels for the same inner experience of the mind and the greater consciousness. I chose the out-of-body term as all my experiences so far have had the motion of my body floating away from my physical body.

Even in my  dreams where I have become fully conscious and immediately leave that dream environment,  I experience a strong floating away of my body before appearing in another location.

The Lucid Dreaming term is probably a much safer label for people to deal with. You have to open your mind a little bit more to accept that our consciousness can perhaps really leave the body and travel into very solid consensus realities with stable personalities and structures; far beyond the fragmented experiences of dreams.

As I venture forward on this journey I seek to understand the differences and report them back. Please bear with me on my inaugural adventure as I seek the answers for myself.

Why have I created this blog

I have created this blog as a tool to encourage my own sub-conscious to really get behind my desire to learn and experience these wonderful voyages of the mind and beyond.

I also hope in some small way that this also inspires others to dip their toe into this subject and record their own experiences.

I give thanks to the people who have  inspired me with their lectures, books and videos.

My Journey really started after attending the IMOA Conference in Southend-on-Sea back in Nov 15, where Todd Acamesis gave a small lecture on his personal experiences. This ignited a passion in me to look deeper and start practicing for myself.

Researching Todd led me onto other teachers listed below.
Todd Acamesis, Jürgen Ziewe,,  Yogani, William Buhlman et al.

The wonderful thing about having an OBE is that it opens up the inner teachers within all of us. We can truly seek and look for the answers ourselves. Out of all the spiritual practices I have looked into during my life, this has been the biggest enabler to give me a good kick up the spiritual backside and DO SPIRITUAL rather than READ SPIRITUAL.

Bon Voyage

Ian Jones